Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello hello.. beautiful skies and cute puppies....

So Hello to everyone. It is Thursday. I love Thursdays. I downloaded some pictures from my camera so I thought I would share today.

The first picture is that of a sky we recently saw at our house. The colors were so different then you normally see. It reminded me of one of those black and white paintings where the roses are painted red. Love it. What a great show in the heavens above.

And then here is our new puppy. We picked one out of the litter and she hopefully will come home in two weeks. She is sooooo cute! My little one was super thrilled. She looks huge in the solo picture until you look back at the fencing and realize who close she is to the ground.

Well I am back to work. If you want to know about challenges, scroll down, and see yesterdays post. Lots and lots going on. Thanks for stopping by!


Chris Durnan, designer
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