Monday, September 29, 2008

New Toys, Addictions, and Late Night Horse Play. Wew!

Okay I did it... I am addicted already to a Crackberry (as my friend Lori calls them) I have been trying to decide whether to go with a blackberry or another phone for a while now. And I jumped in and my hubby jumped in too. So now we both have those little monsters going off everytime we get an email which can be often. Last night he got up in the middle of the night to turn his rings/vibrates off because you could hear it from the bedroom. I am really liking it. So many features and I email alot in life and also do alot in life so maybe this will help me not feel like I am missing something. haha. Okay maybe I am just an addict. I can't decide if I should mess with the ringers or leave it as it? I will have to think on it.

Speaking of addicts... I have been playing with photoshop and cleaning up some of my digital scrap kits that I have mostly complete, but not quite and I find myself thinking. That isn't a smooth enough cut and tweaking it and then realizing it isn't for a cutter I "undo" wow. I think I might digital cutter file issues. I know some of you will find this amusing because I am sure you stare at an image on a book or the side of a box or a pattern and think. Can I make that a cutter file? hmmmm... if you do...well thats okay .. they say half the battle is realizing there might be a problem. hahah.

And still here I sit on my heating pad. My back is just tweaked enough to where it can be miserable when I get up from a chair or move to quickly. But at times nothing at all. Who knows. I will give it one more week then go see a doc or a masseuse. this happened to me also when I had my son. For the first two months I could barely move part of my back. I couldn't jump and down it hurt so bad. so I went to a deep tissue masseuse and I could walk again without issues. So I am hoping since this one is a lot less it will go away on its own. My hubby won an accupuncture gift certificate. He thinks I should use it. Oh man... I am nervous about that. I am not so into needles. Anyone done this? have any input? for now it's me an the heating pad and ibuprofen.

An adventurous evening last night.. well about 2 a.m.. I didn't lock the gate properly and two of our houses got out of the arena and their stalls. So my hubby and I are out in the dark rounding them up. At first they didn't want to come and were spooked because of the dark or enjoying the freedom to run, but then they smelled the sweet feed. This is like candy to a horse. I didn't have an extra halter to grab. so I walked 4 feet and held out my hand with sweet feed on it and let our paint horse eat it. then walked another 5 or 6 feet and let him have more. finally got him back in the arena. My husband and I went back inside and couldn't sleep right away because of the tension. I lost a horse when I was pregnant with my son because she got out an open gate and turned around to get back to the others and went over the top of a 5 foot horse climb (mesh) fence. Tore herself up and took me going out to her to beg her to stand up. She made it about 5 days and then passed in the night. Having been pregnant I was beside myself. So it sticks with me when spooky things happen. so when one of the horses went to run by me and the choice was let him run by on the right or run into our boat propeller on the left. I stepped back and let him run by and didn't try to stop him. All in all. Everyone made it back into their homes unscathed and my hubby and I chatted for a while in the middle of the night in an effort to calm us down a bit. Thing is with horses and situations you have to be calm or they will spook. So when it is all said and done the tension hits you afterwards.wew.

Well I have rambled your ear/eyes off enough..

Things you should know.
Download the files from the QMC. Not much time. The link is above.

Yes I am creating files for this coming QMC which starts October 1st

And yes I am still taking Challenge participants. Email me for the link. And yes for those who would rather not commit to the challenge. Some of these files (maybe not all) will end up in the QMC, but they will have titles and additional images added to them. I like full packages of files!

Other then that. I better get back to it.

Oh and tomorrow I will post a pic of the first file already loaded to the next quarters club.

Chris Durnan, designer
GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. Whatever your creative mind can come up with!

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Anonymous said...

My sister LOVES accupuncture but say's that you have to keep going to keep the benefit...personally I love the chiropractor when my back is tweaked :) Massage is my 2nd runner up though! Who doesn't love a good massage :)

Sorry to hear about your horses (houses) getting out :) hee hee couldn't resist the typo razz...

Thanks again for your challenges!