Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn file #29 and Yada Yada from Chris

Hello Hello.

This is my last file added to the QMC for this membership. Please get into the QMC and download download download. The link is above in the center listed as the secret section of the forum. I made it to 29 files again. wew! Wew! Next quarter will be at a 4shared link. Any questions, email me, I know it is different, but is an interim fix for more and bigger changes for VDBC.

Then my next thought is ... Karate!! Have you seen Karate pics of my kiddo of course not. Here they are. He is loving it! Mine is the blondie. I think he looks so cute in his outfit.

So on a political note and I don't talk politics much with others because I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion and it seems must get heated when the talk politics and can't have a general conversation. I hate to argue and try to be even keel about most things. Discussing is different then arguing. Politics does not seem to be one of those things. My only comment on the political agenda is VOTE. I sent in our early ballots because this way I have no excuse to miss the polls. No Lines, no running late, nothing. and how could the government make it any easier for me they will mail me right as an American citizen to participate in the process. So please vote. And yes I get a few emails here and there asking me who and why. And I am gonna say I will be voting for McCain and Palin. I can't afford the other alternatives. I believe in making my own way and not being supported by other entities and working my fingers to the bone for the American Dream. So I prefer to not have the government tell me what I should have. And I pay for medical out of my own pocket since we are business owners. So yes I think the healthcare system and insurance is so screwy. Especially since we paid for insurance for 5 years for my hubby and the first time he had to go to the hospital they raised our premium. and he never went for a physical or cost them one penny up to that point. But at the same time. I want the choice. I want to have my right to choose which doctor I agree with on vaccinations and my own healthcare, so I don't want government to be a part of my choice. Some could probably argue me into oblivion about what they think or shouldn't think or how my ideals are screwey, but all I can say is... Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine doesn't have to agree with yours but we can still live next door to eachother and fly the same flag. Respect my freedoms and I will respect yours. So please take a moment and consciously think about the right to vote. If you think you aren't going to be able to go, send in for your early registration for your state. Get it done. I am excited to hear the debates. Can you imagine being a person who has put themselves out underneath the huge public eye to be nitpicked and henpicked about everything you have ever done or said. Wow. I can't imagine. So do them the honor of voting. Honor their effort to be a part of the principles of America. This page seemed to have an FAQ with a listing of state information. Click Here. It is hard to find something that isn't slanted one way or another. But I have to say I watched the Tina Fey skit from SNL and thought it was very humorous.

Okay I am off the lecturn.

On to other thoughts... and don't read this if you are slightly squeamish and don't like the word Butt.And by the way my child will kill me when he is old enough to read this. A debate to have with a child over a logical chain of events... My son walks out of the restroom pulling his pants up. He has his hand in the back of his shorts pulling up the underwear that didn't come up before the shorts. I say to him... "wash your hands" he looks at me like I have grown a horn "Why?" so I smile and say "You just touched your butt" He said "my butt isn't dirty I just wiped it" okay so calmly I have to think this through. yes in the logical sense of order you did wipe your butt so it shouldn't be considered dirty according to the "wipe your hands rule and now they are clean." BUT you just touched your BUTT. .. hmmm... so what did I do... I pulled the Mom card... "cause I said so" Technically he was right. But Mom Card always wins.

Have a wonderful day!

Chris Durnan, designer
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Cindy said...

Love the karate photo.
My son is an advanced green belt and will be competing in a tournmanet this weekend. So will we be seeing some karate files?
Last quarter was packed with some great ones, looking forward to next quarter.


Sandra from NC said...

snort! Love the bathroom story. Sounds like my son when he was that age. It does get better! Mine finally decided it was a good thing to wash his hands when he got to Middle school - lol. Now he acts like we're crazy because we ask him and he has already washed them.