Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chest Pounding Moments in life... QMC file... riding our bikes

It is Thursday! Today is my little ones doc appointment. He is not thrilled about it because he will miss lunch at school. He won't be really thrilled about it if he gets a shot either. hmm but I didn't tell him that part.
So here is a pic of my little one and his Uncle (my brother) and his Great Aunt on a three man tube at the lake this past weekend. You can't see me, but I am in the boat with my life vest on prepared to jump out of the boat if needed and get to my son. We were only going a teeny tiny speed. And everyone says he is fine. And He was grinning from ear to ear to ear and back again. And I know you have to let them experience, but I have to say my heart was pounding and my nerves were strained. And my son... MY SON WAS GIVING THE THUMBS UP THE WHOLE TIME TO GO FASTER. ugho bugho. This made me decide to call the swim place and put him back in lessons immediately. But all in all wonderful time and my family is so awesome. I can brag because they are mine. Love it.

Okay here is the next file for the QMC. With fall coming we spend lots of time with family. and these titles just speak to me. Great for any scrapbooking project. I will be uploading the SCUT version shortly, but already loaded the other versions.
I better get moving. I need to take a bike tube to the store to get a replacement. It has a huge hole in it. I have been walking in th emorning and riding bike with my son in the evening. It has been fun and he wants his other bike fixed so in the effort to get a little more fit. I am gonna get the tube replaced. I haven't worked on bikes since I was little and had to put the chain back on all the time for my brother and sister. I also could switch the seats around and the handlebars and this was way before the quick release. My Dad was always losing wrenches. But I am blessed with a father who just smiled and asked that we return things when we are done.

My sister-in-law said she uploaded some pictures for me to see. Iwill post them here if I look super skinny in any of them. ahhaha..

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