Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Much better today... And it's picture day!!

So WOW I read my post from Monday and man I was a crabby girl. Everything bothered me Monday. So now I am back on track. and my apologies. Back away from the blog when you are crabby that is this weeks advice.

So today is picture day from last weekend. I love pictures and they make me happy so here are some of mine.

So before we went camping/boating I cooked and I have emails as to what I cooked. First I cooked my potato salad. It is my in-laws favorite and for those who can't stand potato salad they usually will eat min because I try to avoid anything sweet in it. So it is simple potatoes boiled and cubed, eggs boiled and diced, bacon bits, and a bunch of green onions and the key ingredients are mayo that is not sweet. Helmans or Best foods. I used Trader Joe's because it is gluten free. My sister swears it is the trader Joe's mayo that makes it good. And I never salt, but i do use Tony's Creole seasoning which has some salt in it

Then after that I made Cilantro Chicken Salad from a Homemade Gourmet mix. I LOVE Homemade Gourmet. We actually had some of this left when we got back. So Sunday night because it has no mayo or yogurt in it but is just fresh tasting. I took some of the leftovers and through them on a rice crust cheese pizza and put a little more mozarella on top. It is yummy yummy yummy.

And then because I had been cooking all day. My little one decided he had to cook to. We talked about foods that go together like yogurt, mustard and ketchup don't work well together. However, yogurt and fresh fruit go together well. So he took yogurt and added chunks of fresh fruit and chowed it down. He was happy and came up with it on his own and was please with his cooking experience. I love his creativity. And then next are pics of my little one and Dad riding the tube. I am dealing with this better. Much better when I am the person driving the boat and can just say UMMM NO! when he gives me the speed up thumb. And the three man tube he shared with a friends son.

Then next is the little one working the pinata at our friends Daughter's bday party. Originally a Dora Pinata transformed into a strawberry shortcake one to better fit the theme. Also, My friend Michele always get cupcake cakes. no cutting no plates sometimes. just lots of frosting and easy pick up and go for more playing. We had a wonderful time at the park. Jumping Castle, Pinata, train, Cupcakes with lots of frosting and good friends. What couldn't be better.

Well I better run I have a ton to do before we head into town for Open House tonight at Pre-K. Tomorrow will be posts on the links for the challenge and qmc. Have a wonderful evening! Enjoy!

Chris Durnan, designer

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