Friday, September 14, 2007

Words of Halloween

UPDATE!!! Jill M has been asking fo the word BOO has an outline. It does not. I just recut the word BOO and layered it behind eachother. The word GHOST has an outline around it completely, but looking at the word BOO it does not have the outline on the sides because it is just layers of the same cut. Hope this explanation helps. Enjoy!
Here is the file for today. It will come in two parts. One today and one tomorrow. The left half and the right half. The bat is not attached to the mat with the Batty one. It is just layered there. Almost all of them have mats. Hope you can use these. This is a Terms Restricted File which means when you download it and type in the password (from my group) you Agree to this terms of USE. This download is no longer available, but will be available for purchase at Paperthreads soon.

So as you can tell I am gearing up to put all these Halloween Files in one large Super Pack for the store. Not sure how many will end up in it because I am still pluggin' away at creating them.
As for the Poinsettia file... I am working on it... True to form. I have to find the font I used because I liked it so much. So I am still working on it. but it will be up here.
on to life... so the mountain lion is still here. Killed a neighbors 100 lb. pitbull last night and as the crow flies is about 4-5 acres away from us. So we are on guard with our son going outside and paying attention to all the news. Supposedly Game and Fish will be out today to talk to all the owners who have had a problem. And hopefully they can move it. Lots of kids walk up and down the road by where all the pets are disappearing. We shall see. Tis part of life and living at the bottom of a mountain. But we are definitely paying attention.
Okay and soooo... Have you seen these albums Michelle has at Paperthreads. I am thinking about doing a few for Christmas. They are unique and cute. If you buy any, please put "Chris sent me" in the comment box! I appreciate it greatly. Has anyone made one I am curious as to your thoughts on them and what you used.. like Glue and Ink or embellishments. What worked for you.

So this weekend I am home home home... with the hubby and my son. No traveling and lots of family time. We are going to put up a few lights to help with the Mountain Lion thing. And then lightbulbs being replaced. Nothing like putting on eyeliner while holding a flashlight (teasing). But why do they all seem to go out at the same time. My hubby bought the "green" ones that are supposed to last longer and help with the electric bill. If I learned to turn the lights off, it would help siginificantly with our light bill. (rolling eyes at myself). And the lighbulbs aren't green themselves. wow! it isn't halloween yet! That would be a ghoulish makeup job.
Well tons to do today. So I better get to it.


Have you seen my other Words of files... Here are a few of them..

I did these ones because I want to cut them large and put them up on my wall without the mat.
Another project I want to get to.

Words of Happiness

Words of Faith


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the halloween words Chris, more to help with any lo's I manage to do. The mountain lion stuff is scary. Still feel a bit sorry for her though, if she has young to look after. I really hope they move her on with her cubs and don't kill her (and/or them). We are not allowed to have pit bulls in UK - a little girl was savaged to death by one a few weeks ago. Her uncle had it, even though they are banned, and her grandmother let it into the house and then it killed the little girl. So sad. Thanks again for all the super files Chris, enjoy your weekend


Cindy said...

This is a great file.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your files. They're all wonderful and being a beginner, I am grateful for all the help. Thanks, Diane S.

Heather said...

These are great!! Thank you..