Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Found this on my hard drive. I can't even remember what I created it for and then it just sat there. I remember cutting it. hmmm.. well in any case.. my messy hard drive is your luck today.

Use it for the front of a card or any other project. This is a Terms Restricted File. Please do not download unless you understand my TOUs. This download is no longer available, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. The password is available at my group.

Also, I have been reading some awesome blogs that people have sent me that they have linked to me. I am most impressed.

And I hit 800 people on my group today! wewhooo! That to me is impressive. When I talked over what to do with my blog with my friend Lori. I asked her .. do you think I will have more than 500 people because I was entertaining another service then a group. and she laughed at me and said YES! This is a case of Lori was right. And I am so glad she was. Thank you to all the new joiners and welcome. If you have any questions you can email me. Also, if you cannot find the password visit the group on the web (link in the side column) and look in the old messages. Wewhooo!!

I have a ton to do today. So I am off to try and catch up on things.




Cindy said...

Another beautiful file Chris.
Thank you.

bethkk said...

I really love this file! Your stuff is so awesome! This would be gorgeous as a Christmas card! Thanks for sharing it!

BelovedKeepsakes said...



Vicki F said...

Wow Chris! Another Awesome File for us. I plan to get in on the bargain price for the halloween files at the store tomorrow!

I'm currently working on several swaps right now, so if I cut today's file for a Title Box, I will be sure to send you a photo!

As ever,