Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Monday!

So my son used to go to daycare and things got weird there and he begged me to not make him go after being there for two months. so we took him out. A week of begging me to take him with me for the 45 minute drive was just to much. So my intuition said listen to him. Since then I have been looking for an alternative. So today he started Pre-K I was pretty excited, but also worried about him to. He had a great time and seemed to love it. So that is wonderful! he is going in the mornings. He is exhausted today and Happy and Giggly. I love it.

Also, Dancing with the stars is on tonight I think. I love to dance with the hubby. So I am looking forward to seeing the new series. Woohoo!!
A notice on my pre-sale for the group. It is actually next Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I screwed up and listed it as just two days, but it is more then that. It's all three. Thank you for the positive feedback and emails I have received from everyone lately. They are awesome.

I had someone ask me again of my files for sale at Paperthreads were all inclusive. And they are. You pay one price and get all the file types for that file design. I currently offer in AI for Illustrator Bridge users on the Craft ROBO or you can open this in KNK as well, GSD, KNK for Klik N Kut Studio, and WPC for WinPc.. which should work with the new talked about funtime and any versions of WiinPC. Hope that makes sense.

I think Lori has her new KNK Element for sale still and a whole CD of her files to go with it. I just can't imagine because I love the detail in Lori's Files! They are awesome. Here is the link to her blog.

I am trying to cook more dinners instead of the usuals. So if anyone has any quick food ideas. Remember I can't eat flour or bread, but I love to cook casseroles. Any recommendations from anyone on a recipe or recipe book. I search on the internet and print a bunch of recipes and never seem to use them. It's Weird.!! But I like to cook and like to cook fresh, but need some new ideas. Anyones thoughts are appreciated. Whatever your favorite standby is.. I made a chicken divan gluten free style last night. Gluten free cheddar cheese potato soup mix (dry) and water, with chopped up chicken breast, some onion, broccoli chopped up and a bit of sour cream and shredded cheese in it. I baked it for a while and it was good. Needed a little extra onion in it. My hubby ate it and so did my son. have to tweak it some and try again in a couple weeks.

Well I thought I would post to my blog and am still working on some layouts and ideas for files and have to cut them. So hopefully more later.. if I can get it all to work out..But in the meantime...



Kathleen said...

Chris - go to
Each week you get 6 days worth of menus PLUS the shopping list for the week. It is an amazing time and money saver. BUT the big bonus is that each and every recipe has Gluten Free options included.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem with my son at a daycare. He was just not happy there. Got him in preschool and he loves it. Cries when he can't go on holidays or weekends! Completly diffrent than when he was in daycare. He is way more challenged too.

Michelle said...

Check out

You can search by diet, such as gluten free, by ingredient, by course, etc. Many of the recipes have been reviewed by others which can help you steer clear of the not so great ones.