Monday, September 17, 2007

Halloween Titles Right Side.

Here is the Right side of the Halloween Words. This is a Terms Restricted File. Please download only if you are in agreement to these Terms. This download has hit its limit and is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads soon. The password can be found by signing up for my group.
So here is Monday. I decided to go to the gym today. We have a membership and havent been in a while. I am under the belief that if I am paying for a gym membership they should have some electronic frequency that every time they reduce my checking account by their monthly fee. They zap some weight through a frequency off of me. Sounds nice, but apparently doesn't happen. This will be good for my son to. He can hang out with the kids and play in the Kids Rompa Room. We are finished with Swim Lessons so time to keep busy with another thing. So I am kinda looking forward to the hour of peddling on the bike and getting some exercise time in.
The weekend was nice.. very nice.. We didn't go anywhere we had to be at a certain time. We went to town and got some things, but timing was relaxed. It was wonderful. So I am ready for the week. Hope everyone else is too! Have a wonderful Monday!

Oh and I have lost a file and can't seem to find it... has anyone seen it?? I think it's over at the Paperthreads Forum in Captain BKs ship... What do you think?? Hope lots of you signed up for BINGO because the treasure chest ever there seems to be filling up pretty quick.


scrappinmama said...

I do believe Capt BK has taken the file and holding it for a ransom. BTW Very cute!

Heather said...

Chris you rock. I was using this file yesterday and I was bummed because I thought I'd missed the second half!! and it wasn't up at the store yet. :) Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you had such a relaxing week-end. I'm jealous, but this weekend will be my time to relax.

I'm very confused by the last download - the right side. It looks just like the download from a couple of days ago. What am I not seeing?

Thank you so very much for your wonderful designs.


Anonymous said...

Does your BOOOO have a outline, the website picture kind of looks like it does, but the file does not show one?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rest of the file Chris, hope you aren't aching too much from the gym. I like aerobics and dance myself, can't do with cycling nowhere lol.. and as for the rowing machine, don't get me started!! Line dancing uses a lot of energy and is quite popular in UK, as is salsa. The poinsettia file looks great - hope it comes up before I go on hols at the beginning of October, otherwise I shall go to the store for it. Have a good day


Jill M said...

I was wondering if the word BOOOO had an outline,the website looks like it does?