Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloween Files Project...WOW!

Wow. This is my favorite part. Showcasing someones projects using my files. This one comes to us from Heather. This is beautiful. I wonder at times if I can ever put something together that looks this classy. How awesome!! Thank you for sharing this with us and also thank you for your many posts to my comments. I appreciate it. These files are sold seperately at Paperthreads or this Fri-Sun in a large pack for the members of my group at a severly reduced rate $6.99 and then next month at a sale rate for everyone and anyone visiting Paperthreads. $9.99. If you missed any. It should be worth it.
Okay and as for requests. I have a backlog. I have about 72 requests on my request list and I have about 20 of them in the works. So they arent as clean as I like and they need some tweaking and cutting. So if you requested and are wondering if I am ignoring you. I'm not. I will get there. Just sometimes it take a little, but keep the requests coming. I love them. Some of these things I would never have thought about doing, but the challenge keeps me motivated.

So Paperthreads has the super thick blade for the KNK. Woohoo!! I am interested in this because I would love to cut leather and some other items. Also, offering vinyl and all kinds of new things to the store. If you havent had the chance to check it out. Here is Michelle's post. Make sure to tell Michelle. Chris sent ya! hahah.


I had a few emails about the ScrapSavvy. I am not aware of alot of details about this machine. I am understanding the the new Funtime Scrapbooking software is an upgraded version of WinPC this being the case my WPC files should work with it. Like I said. I haven't alot of details about the machine itself so I am sorry I can't answer questions. And for those new owners you are welcome to join my group and give me feed back on my WinPC files and if they work for you.


Boy I am a rambling a rambling today.

Now.... a tidbit real quick on my son... He is loving Pre-K. In fact I wasn't walking fast enough to his classroom on Tuesday morning. So he stood in front of me and stopped me and looked up at me and said MOM could you PLEASE walk faster. This is a good sign. So I will be attending an open house with my hubby to get a mini view of his day at Pre-K. I am excited and slightly nostalgic for my little boy and not the "bigger" boy he keeps saying he is. I am fine with him growing up. Just every once in a while it hits me. Wow.
This weekend we have plans to hit the college football game. We received some tickets from a vendor. Woohoo! I havent been to one of these in forever. Since maybe high school. Not a great team this year I have been told, but secretly I am waiting for half time and watching the cheerleaders and the Press people on the sides. Watching the bands play at half time gives me goosebumps. I also get goosebumps during musicals or operas. Madame Butterfly gave me chills. I smiled so much during The Lion King musical my cheeks hurt afterwards. I could be classified as weird. I prefer unique. ha.




kirst said...

Thank you for the snow words and snow flakes file, I love winter/snow themes and these are perfect. The Hallowe'en files project star book by Heather is awesome, just gorgeous.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh... My stuff is on someone else blog!! I'm honored that you actually put it up. Ok it did turn out really cute!I love your files they all ROCK!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Enjoy the little boy while he lasts before you know it he'll no longer want hugs :( . Mine are 20 and 18 seem like yesterday they we're going to pre-school.

Have a great day!!

Vicki F said...

Love the book by Heather and I love seeing the things made with your files. I do wish your folks would mention what papers they are using for us paper addicts. ;-)