Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poinsettia Happy Holidays

Here is the Poinsettia file link. This is a Terms Restricted File. Which means these files are for your own personal use and not to be shared or altered and claim as your own. This file has hit its download number and is no longer available. The password is available through my group.
On to life... Well I made it to the gym and peddled my heart out for a half an hour and did some other exercise things. I have come to the conclusion that they pump sweat into the air at the gym. I never sweat anywhere as much as the gym. I walk in the door and I am sweating. Poof, I am soaked. Luckily the bikes are sitting up top so you can watch all the goings on in the gym or watch the news. I caught up on the news. There weren't to many interesting Muscle Buffs hitting the weights. So I watched the verbage on the news.. I forgot my walkman to pick up the radio frequencies. The guy next to me brought in his dvd player and was watching a movie while he peddled. WOW! It was Star Wars Movie. Having seen it so many times with the guys in my life. I could pretty much recite the verbage for every part aloud. Luckily I did that only in my head and not aloud as I am sure the people at the gym would have escorted me to the loony section.
My son had a great time playing with the kids and was just a babbling about it afterwards. The nice thing about going in the mornings is the kids area isn't packed. This is important to me because I can't workout if I am not comfortable with where he is. One time I was sitting up top and watching the world come in the front door and boom out of the corner of my eye I see my son running like a lightning streak out into the gym area out of the kids area. I stood up. The lady caught him and took him back in. Wew! The only time he has ever dont that and he was much younger. The lady said he was upset that everyone kept leaving and decided he was going with the last kid. Made for a stressful couple of visits to the gym after that. But I think we worked it out.
So coming to the store in the next week or so will be the Super Halloween Value Pack.
I will upload one more of these files to the blog here for download. There are 4 files in this Value Pack that haven't been posted here, but I am getting emails from people saying they are over the Halloween theme. So post a comment here as to which one you would like that I havent offered yet and I will post one more and then we will move on.
The ones I haven't offered here are
Halloween Word Jumble,
Pumpkin Patch,
No Tricks Just Treats, or
Happy Halloween.
So one of those 4. Let me know by commenting here.
I won't be posting any repeats.

Thank you to all my downloaders and group members for helping me to keep this blog alive and an enjoyable place for me to post.


PS Jill M. I updated the Post for the Halloween left side words. I couldn't find your email to email you directly.


Sarah said...

I was surprised to see the file so early...but working out early gets us up early. Thank you for all your files. You have made my scrapbooking easier to complete pages. One day I want to create my own files but it has been just a chore to figure out the wishblade itself. I am a new owner but love it very much.

I want to vote for the Happy Halloween with the skull file.

I just love your stories and I find myself reading them before I download. Thank you for all you do for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for offering such great files. Im bummed about being over with the Halloween theme. I love halloween and look forward to those files. I can't believe h'ween isn't even here and people want you to move on already. That's not right. :) Also, I vote for you to post the Pumpkin Patch file or the H'ween word jumble. Thanks again for designing such wonderful and useful files. I look forward to your site everyday. Thanks Chris!

Chris in IN

Jill M said...

My vote would be:

Halloween Word Jumble

Misty R said...

I think my favorite file of the ones that haven't been posted is the word jumble. I haven't cut any of thesse out yet but I did purchase the letter and number jumbles from paperthreads and think they would make cool borders. What do most people use them for? Thanks for all the great files.

Angie said...

Chris, you have the most outstanding designs!! I love your work. Thank you for letting us download your files. I have so many ideas for scrapbook layouts and altered projects that your designs will be perfect for. As for the Halloween files, my favorite is the Halloween Word Jumble! Wonderful!! Please share this one with us!!
Again, your work is great! And I appreciate all you do. (Your blog is the only blog that I read EVERY day!)

Deb said...

Thank you for the poinsettia file, it's beautiful. I vote for the Halloween Word Jumble. No matter which one, ALL your files are wonderful. Thanks again for sharing so "freely" *Ü*

Cindy said...

My vote for the last Halloween file is No Tricks.
You give so generously with your talent thru your files, I can't imagine anyone every being over reciving them, especially for free.


Anonymous said...

I am cutting the poinsettia file as we speak - getting a jump on the holidays - LOL!!!

I can't believe others are wanting you to move on from halloween!!!! I love ALL the files but if I have to choose which you will post I vote for the Happy Halloween with the skull. Perfect for my shots of my son as a skeleton or my 6 year old daughter who combined a few costumes last year and was a vampire, pirate skeleton.


Kim said...

Pumpkin Patch Please!

Lord knows I have a lot of pumpkin patch files to scrap as we go every year.

Thanks Chris for being so giving!

crazyk472 - Kim

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful files! I vote for the Halloween Word Jumble. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris, thanks for this one, it is lovely - well all your files are lovely!! I have to start on Christmas now - haven't had my "summer" holiday yet, lol, but there are christmas cards in the shops now. I have put your file into my Chris Durnan's humdinger files folder!!

See ya


Anonymous said...

I love your designs. I really appreciate all of your design since I am still learning my pazzles. I vote for the Pumpkin Patch or the word Jumble.

Lisa said...

I vote for the pumpkin patch.

Anonymous said...

I love them all, Chris, but especially No Tricks, Just Treats! Thanks so much for your awesome inspiration and creativity!!!
Jessica in Kansas / love4kids99

kirst said...

Thanks for the Poinsettia file, it's lovely. I'd like to vote for the Hallowe'en word jumble please. Keep up the good work at the gym.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris. Love the Poinsettia. The one I would most like is the BOOOO but I think it may have already been posted and it was on a day I missed ( prob camping or a soccer game :)) Secind for me would be Pumkin Patch.

Anonymous said...

I just love your files. It is so generous of you to share your files with us! It is even more generous for us to be able to chose one of the files. I would like the no trick only treats file because I love the candy corn! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your files--i would love to have the trick or treat one with the frame..but I will be happy with any of them.. thanks for posting all of them...diane

Anonymous said...

I just bought a KNK and still need to learn how to use it. Maybe one day I'll be able to do what you do and create files. Anyway in the mean time I'd love the "word jumble file". Thanks so much for doing this!

joanberrie said...

H'ween word jumble or Pumpkin Patch file would be my choice. Thanks!

Renae said...

I vote for the pumpkin patch. I always take sooo many pictures every year when we select that perfect pumpkin! Thanks for sharing so generously.

sussann said...

:( I love ALL of the files you make, including the Halloween ones. If I had to chose one, I'd vote for Pumpkin Patch. Thanks so much for your generosity.

Miranda Saenz said...

I don't think I have ever left a comment, and I just want to say that I love all of your designs!! I vote for No Tricks, just treats.
Thanks again for all the hard is greatly appreciated!

Laura from NH said...

Chris, you do such as FABULOUS job! I am SO envious! I bought my craftrobo last year and played with it a little bit, and recently just purchased the Funtime Scrapbooking Pro Software and working through the tutorials. Someday I hope to create files like you!

As for the vote, I choose the Pumpkin Patch.

Thanks again for sharing your work!

Kristen said...

I am loving the halloween files as well! I vote for the "Halloween Word Jumble"..I just love those jumble files! Great job on the poinsettia file as well. Beautiful work as usual. Thanks Chris!

Jamie said...

I vote for the word jumble. Yet all of your files are great!

Anonymous said...

I like them all and I really like the word jumble and the no tricks just treats one. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love your deisgns and looking forward to them daily. My vote is for No tricks, Just Treats. Thank you for you generousity! Jacque in Fla.

Robin said...

I vote for the word jumble. Love all your files!

LaurieD said...

Chris, I really enjoy reading your Blog every day and I love all your files thank you so much for your generoity in sharing them with us. I hate to have to pick just one because they're all great but I vote for the Halloween word jumble.

JaneMcAsh said...

The Halloween Word Jumble, please :)

Your hard work is greatly appreciated!


Colleen said...

Hi..I've been reading your blog for awhile... the files are really FANTASTIC--I dont know where you find the time in your busy life (DO YOU SLEEP?). I vote for the Halloween word jumble... And Thank you for the christmas poinsettia file.. It will come in handy for cards. Has someone actually said they were "halloweened out"? I dont have small children... but those files are TOO CUTE-- I'll send out a card or 5 just to use them!
Again...thank you for being so generous with your talent! Colleen

DebbiB said...

I'd like to see Pumpkin Patch offered. I missed out on all the others, but that one would be perfect for our upcoming trip to the Corn Maze.

Tami said...

I'll shoot for the Pumpkin Patch file -- love all the others, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Poinsetta closed fast today. I have been waiting for that one so I am sad I did not get it in for Halloween.....I love Halloween, I vote for No Tricks Just Treats with the cute candy corn.but the Word Jumble is nice too! I apporeciate all that you share with us so I am not going to be greedy.....

scrappinmama said...

As always, another awesome file! Another vote for the word jumble here.

Anonymous said...

Love your files! I also missed out on the poinsetta file. I had minor surgery yesterday and when I got home, one of the first things I did was check your site! lol I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering what this means: "This file has hit its download number and is no longer available." As I understand it, you post your file and only X number of people can download it - regardless of how many are in your "group". Right?
Well, I can't believe people are saying to cool it with Halloween! Of course, if you do, then hopefully you'll post more Christmas/winter files! I vote for the word jumble! Thanks for spending your time doing this and sharing with us! You are so wonderful and I hope to "master" my cutter someday and do the same!