Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Halloween Jumble.

UPDATE! I can't seem to get my email to send out from here in Phoenix. So I am posting this quick note to my blog. I am getting a few emails from people who can't seem to get the password to work. I am not sure what to say. Other then check the group and make sure you have the most recent one and if you are copying and pasting the password make sure you aren't adding a space before or after the password. Lots of people have downloaded the file. So the password is working. Good luck! And thank you to everyone for their great emails. I am back to my nephew... Enjoy! Chris

I got asked for this file and realized I never posted it. So here it is.
This is a Terms Restricted File. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. The password is available when you sign up for my group. This file is no longer available, but will be available at paperthreads soon.
For some reason I have gotten this question a couple times in the last few days. When you purchase my files you get KNK, AI, GSD, and WPC. If I acquire new software to add to that list I will do so. I have sent many people the KNK version of files that they had previously purchased. If I still offer it in the store and you send me your receipt from Paperthreads (available in your account) I will send you my file. I would hate for someone to get a new machine and have to repurchase files. If you have requested KNK from me and I missed you, I apologize. Please send me your receipt from Paperthreads and I will send you my files in the KNK version. So there is that. What if you decide to upgrade to a new machine?? Why get stuck with only one file type. I hope that answers the question. I know I missed one lady in sending her the KNK version of files. I cannot find her email anywhere. Email me your receipt again and I will send them to you. sooo sorry. lots of emails coming in from this blog. Awesome emails I might add. Such suppportive visitors to my blog!
Okay a couple emails aboout the database. Send me your request and I will add it. I am still working from the database. I just took it down for a few reasons, but still take requests. Just email me and put Request for Chris in the subject.. easier to see when I am trying to delete all the spam.. Click here for email.
And nextttttt.. Have you been over to the pirate ship lately for Bingo?? Well keep an eye on it for me.. I am off to Phoenix today to visit my new nephew and my Dad is visiting. So I need some to keep me covered over there. Seems like a topsy turvy ride over there. Hope everyone is enjoying it! I am feeling sea-sick myself. hahahahaha. Who knows what my friend Lori is up to.
Other then that. I better go pack my bag and get moving!


Kristen said...

Chris...I absolutely love your jumbled files! These are so cute! I missed your Labor Day sale and still want to get the number and letter files too! Great job! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

OMG Chris. This has got to be one of my most favorite files you've created. I am so excited to see this thismorning! Again, thank you for your sharing your talent with us. You make my day, everyday! Thank you.

Chris in IN
PS: Lovin' the Halloween files. Keep 'em coming. :) OH, and Im SO lovin' the 'jumbled' files. Too neat!

Tina said...

This is the cutest thing ever. I can hardly wait to use it. Think I have a card in mind.

Thanks bunches!


Wendy B said...

What a fantastic file. I love it to bits. Thank you soooo much.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am really sorry - I took the Sleigh Ride file and I didn't thank you for it. I hate, hate, hate those who take and don't thank - it just takes a second and makes all the difference to the designer.It is such an elegant piece - I can see it as the focal point of some great christmas cards... cream and red spring to mind or cream and navy blue and ribbons and parcels.... WOW! And thanks for this file too, trick or treat is a bit hit and miss in UK but I hope to get a few pics to scrap and this will be a great help with a lo. Hope the babies are all doing well - my friend Kelly has just had a baby boy today 7 pounds 6 ounces - and she is less than 5 feet tall, she looked like she'd swallowed a beachball at the end lol!!!


Rosemary said...


Just a thought about the password. Perhaps they are capitalizing the "I". I did that once and discovered that it is case sensitive. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris...I have said thank you many times and the emails come back to me...I am not sure why...but Thank YOU!

Gerrie said...

Thanks so much. What a great file!