Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday tuesday

Howdy to everyone. for those just stopping by for a download.. let me say right off. There should be one later today.

For those coming to read... I am at the office today in the morning. Going to be my new routine. Monday-Weds at the office in the a.m.. I like it. Gives me a chance to check on things better here and make sure they are working. Although gotta say. I do not like this keyboard at all. I feel like I have to pound it to work. Probably just needs working in... "working" being the operative word as I post to my blog.

So the picture up top is from TINA HALE. One of our wordbook challengers. This is from one of my Halloween files. I also have another one to post from another awesome blog visitor. Thank you for sending this Tina. It is super cute! and posted on her blog today also. Awesome Awesome!! And thank you for being one of my "stalkers" and posting it on the blog. Very Cute.

Okay I better get some more calls made before I head home to test cut my file!



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Tina said...

Thanks for posting my card and the link to my blog. I was so surprised to see it so soon!

Thanks again,