Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Zoo Safari Animals

Today's Download. This is a file with a few pieces for the trip to the zoo or any layout project. When working on drawing the lions face, all I could think about was a friend of mine had a chow that when she woke up the disgruntled face was much like this one. I was trying to think of a list of ways this file could be used to post at the Paperthreads forum. Other then the usual going to the zoo. So here are some of my ideas. and If you have some ideas to, please post them to the comments so I can add to the list... I started out with....

1) Chow Dog layout with the lion and his great mane
2)My Sons first halloween costume as a lion (Super Cute)
3) Put together a mini zoo scrapbook for when I take my nieces
4) Animal learning book
5) Use them to do an alphabet book with the Name/Word Book letters
6) Elephant Ride Scrap Page from the Fair
7) Monkeyin Around Page with the Monkey
8) Use Giraffe on edge of invite for Kids Bday Party
9) Use Giraffe to notate trip to certain Toy Store. (Yes I took my camera the last time, My Son was like in awe.. look Mom.. look.. how could I ever capture that bewildered the world is awesome look any other way. Well there are lots of other ways cause he is a giggly happy and silly kid. we love it)
Great Inspiration ideas to use from our downloaders!!!!
Thank you Thank you for everyone's comments. Keep 'em coming. I'll try not to miss any.
10) -Lions and elephants at the circus-
11)Using the lion to play around with lying around or telling lies-
12)Layouts for the safari ride at Disney
13) Wizard of Oz layouts for the Monkey and Lion
14)Scrappin an Animal Kingdom trip
15) Scrappin the day at the zoo
16) Scrappin your favorite animal book or Library reading time
17) School project about Animals or Africa
18) Wild life ? Nature? Pics
19) Elephant for Election Times
20) School Mascots
21) Baby Pages if cut in appropriate colors although I'm not sure
about grumpy for this idea.... ;^)
22) Giraffe "Reaching High"
23) just monkeying around
24) lion for the astrological sign for Leos
25) It's a Jungle out there (school, daycare, work)
26) Don't feed the animals (luncheon, lunchroom, party)
27) Elephant - never forget, don't forget
28) Giraffe - tall tales
29) Safari Birthday Party
30) Adult African Safari Trip
31) Lion King Movie or broadway Show
And a super fantabu comment!
these are fantastic...no lion!!

You add yours to my comments and I will keep adding it to this list.

Your creativity helps me be creative and inspires me. So if you come up with something let me know.
Okay so I am nervous cause there havent been any other posts to my challenge. I hope some out there are going to enter. However, I am sure Joni is ecstatic about not seeing any other entries. She could have a clean sweep win.
Great comments lately. As always. I have such greatttt downloaders.
-Thank you to Trish for the great comment. Glad I can make someone smile in the middle of the day!
-And Shae I would love to see the background image you made from the Giraffe Patterns. I was trying to come up with a pattern that you could double layer for the spots on a giraffe and make a unique paper for the background of a page. I would love to look at it. to help me visualize.
So on to life in general. What a great day! I am in the office. My truck is in the shop getting a lookilu cause the Air isn't working. This is not functional when you live in Arizona. Supposed to be 92 tomorrow. by the time it hits 84 I have pink cheeks every time I step out the door. My son is the same way. So hopefully the cost won't kill me, but it will either be the heat or the repair bill that does me in. I found a great place I take my truck. They are easy going old school mechanics. I love it! Last time I was there they hauled the part out and put it on the counter. That's from your truck. I was like COOL. Glad to know you actually replaced it and didnt jip me like the last place. But that is another story for another day....
Okay so here is the link for the download. No longer available for download, but available for Purchase HERE. Please remember these are for personal use! I have a terms of use. If you need to see it and read it in it's entirety to understand that. Please click on the link on the right and check it out. Password is still may.
Otherwise! Have a fantastic day!
and of course


Anonymous said...

Chris~ This is one of my favorite files you've done. It's perfect for my Animal Kingdom trip a few months ago. Your talent and art work blow me away each and everyday! I can't thank you enough for sharing your great work with us.
Thank you! ~Chris in IN

Anonymous said...

Chris, what talent you have! Love these Zoo files. Thanks so much. *hugs* Helena

Anonymous said...

Love these Zoo files Chris. What a talented lady you are. *hugs* Helena

egbok said...


These would make great accents to my Safari layouts from Disney! Great job again.

NCAshley said...

Great files! Other ideas I thought of include:
-Lions and elephants at the circus
-Using the lion to play around with lying around or telling lies
-Layouts for the safari ride at the 'Mouse Place' in Florida

NCAshley said...

One more popped in my head: The monkey and lion would be great for anything that has to do with The Wizard of Oz (play, Halloween, etc.).

molly said...

these and all your files are wonderful. Also thanks for the ideas to use the animals.

Sandy said...


What a talented person you are and such a great big heart to share your files with us. I for one am truly grateful and in awe of you work.


Robin said...

My baby's room is decorated with a safari theme. I can use it for a page on that or people could use it to decorate a room with a safari theme. I'd love to do the word book challenge and I'm hoping I can work on it this week b/c I'm going to a weekend crop. I'm hoping to doing one for my mom for mother's day w/ pictures of the grandkids. Finally, other ideas may be to do Tennis or Golf files. My kids play these sports. And my husband and I both play tennis. You are so creative everything you do is great!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
When I click on GSD it doesn't take me to the download page. Do you know what is happening?? Please, help.
I love your work and I am here day and night. YOU ROCK!!!hugs.

Anonymous said...

Wild life ? Nature?

Elephant for election time

School Mascots

Baby Pages if cut in appropriate colors although I'm not sure about grumpy for this idea.... ;^)

Giraffe "Reaching High"

I would've loved to enter but the challenge caught me at a bad time...


Chel said...

Wow! Thanks. I love today's file. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for my Disney Animal Kingdom pictures of the safari, which I will be doing soon. Any ideas that would work for the Disney pictures are always appreciated--hint, hint. :)

Renae in Colorado said...

My daughter loves monkies. So how about a page "just monkeying around". We also went to an indoor playground place for her birthday with climbing walls etc. called Jungel Quest. This is perfect for that too! Thanks for the file. I will have tons of uses. Oh yea, the zoo south of us has a place where you can feed the giraffes. SO I can use the giraffe for that. What about the lion for the astrological sign for Leos. Oh oh oh, I think I could go on and on. Thanks so much for sharing!

Faith said...

Hi Chris,

I am making a book... you know with a deadline of the 20th, there should be posting on the 19th, you know how silly we all are...


Marianne said...

Hi Chris,

I have posted my name book challenge. I am not that good in photographing... So hope it is oke, and you can see everything clear.
Hopefully you are not nervous anymore....;-) There are definatly more name book particapators on their way!


ginny said...

these are fantastic...no lion!!

Tammey said...

Chris I am loving the giraffes! They are so hard to find! A few ideas for this set;
It's a Jungle out there (school, daycare, work)
Don't feed the animals (luncheon, lunchroom, party)
Elephant - never forget, don't forget
Giraffe - tall tales
Good luck! and thanks again :)

Kim said...


Thank you so much for this file. My sons both love going to the zoo or anything to do with zoo animals for that matter. Also, we are staying at Animal Kingdom this summer so I will get a lot of use out of this file.

Thanks again; you truly are blessed with a wonderful talent.

Kim said...


Thank you so much for this file. My sons both love going to the zoo or anything to do with zoo animals for that matter. Also, we are staying at Animal Kingdom this summer so I will get a lot of use out of this file.

Thanks again; you truly are blessed with a wonderful talent.

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I have some pictures from Wild Country Safari trip we made years ago that I can use these for. Can you let us know what font you used for these? Thank you, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Chris - these are more great files! You have awesome talent, really. These would be fun to use on pages about The Lion King movie or broadway show. My DD loved that movie when she was really small, and she used to roam the house singing "The Circle of Life"!! LOL

Thanks for sharing!!

Kate :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks so much for this. We love taking the dgc to the Detroit Zoo and this will make the lo's so much more fun. I hope "someday" I can do such cute files! You are an inspiration.

RobinM said...

Safari Birthday Party

Adult African Safari Trip

Love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Bummer! What a fantastic file I missed today! I love this -it's great!