Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The day before vacation....

Okay so I am running way way behind in preparation for departure. So this is why I don't have a file up yet today and it isn't looking good for one by the end of the day. My apologies. I am heading out of town for a very long weekend to see my Dad.

So a few things of note.....

The voting has started at Paperthreads for the four entrants in the word book challenge.

Here is the link to see the place where you can vote.
Hopefully everyone can join in and cast their vote while I am gone.

Here are the list of participants...

Ace by Joni
Kibu by Mavu
Friend By TinaHale38
Ava Grace by WendyLouWho

And here is the link to see their entries.

**** Life *****
My son is so super excited about riding on a plane. He is ready to go. He has his backpack packed already with things he wants to play with. I, myself, not even close to being packed. I have been reading all those regulations regarding liquids etc for the medicines I need to take. Also, writing out the notes for our friend feed the animals here. THank goodness for people you can trust with your animals. They are like my children. Just 1200 lb children that walk on 4 legs.

I must tell you tho' .... so super excited about taking a trip with the hubby. Last year just two of us went this year it will be the three of us. Plane rides are much shorter when you are trying to entertain a child.

My Nan is getting ready for radiation. Thank you to everyone who has asked. She is ready to go. Knows she is going to be exhausted, but is ready to charge forward. Your prayers in thi smatter are always appreciated.

Okay I better run!
Enjoy the holiday weekend to all and be safe and careful!

BTW... If you are still collecting gsd files and don't have a cutter yet, I have it on good knowledge the clearanced ones over at Paperthreads are gonna go soon. Not to many left in stock before the next model comes out with a higher price. They were out of stock, but now there are a couple more in as the inventory dwindles. Now is your chance... for a great price.


Diane said...

Have a great trip Chris. How about "Leavin' on a jet plane" for a GSD. Now that dates me doesn't it.

Rhonda said...

Have a safe & fun trip!!!

Tina said...

Hope you have a great trip. Remember to have lots of fun!!