Monday, May 14, 2007

My Mother's Day Card

So thought I would share this. My hubby and
son worked on it together for Mother's Day! Best Gift Ever.
This is the beginning of scrapbooking I think. ha!
This was the card I made for my Mom.

And this is a card I made for my Nan.

The cutter file was sent to me by Sandie.
I gotta say it came in the knick of time
for Mother's Day. Wew. Thank you Sandie.



Anonymous said...

your cards are beautiful! Especially the one that your son made :) How cute!


my5bratz said...

love the card from your son..what a treasure!!

that nan card is fantatic, is the file available anywhere?

debenj said...

Beautiful cards!

Anonymous said...

I love cards from my children. There is nothing better except maybe artwork made by my children. I shudder to think how much we will accumulate of their art by the time they are ready to move Thanks for sharing your cards.

memrybug said...

Your cards are beautiful. I love the one your son made. Those handmade ones are the best!! You will treasure it forever. Thanks for sharing them!

Deb said...

Oh how precious, love the card from your son *Ü* The others are beautiful also. TFS!

Hope your Nan is still improving. She's in my thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

The mommy card from your son is a priceless keepsake! Just makes your heart explode doesn't it! Being a mommy is certainly the best!

Have a bless week,

Wendy O said...

I love the card from your son! Adorable!! Glad your dh helped him make something so special. Love the ones you made also, very nice.


Anonymous said...

Those cards are really cute. So we have another scrapper in the family. And how nice that Dad helped him with that one.

Rhonda said...

What a precious card from your son! Aren't they just the best thing in the world!

Kristen said...

Gotta love those cards from kids! They are the best! Also, your Mom's and Nan's cards are wonderful. I'm sure they loved them!

Mary in Hong Kong said...

Thanks for sharing your Mother's day cards. really liked them. Also, I love your packaging idea in the previous post for visual designs....very classy

Anonymous said...

As always, you are amazing!! and the card your son made is the best treasure you can have.
I love the card you made for your Nan. What font did you use for that? It is just too cute!!! Thanks again for sharing. hugs,