Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally Friday....

It's friday and things are busy busy. I have some files I am working on, but haven't cut them yet before I offer them to you. So thanks for stopping by to check on me, but I won't be able to get anything up today!

Gotta say everyone's ideas for files for the lake and the ocean and the beach were awesome! I will definitely be using some of them.

Also, Remember that the Namebook Challenge Deadline is up and coming quickly for those who still wish to enter.

So this is your pop quiz for today. The local radio station plays this song every friday morning and I get it stuck in my head all day long.... I know who sings it.... do you??

It's finally friday
I'm free again
I got my motor running for a wild weekend
It's finally friday
I'm outa' control
Forget the workin blues
And let the good time roll


Rhonda said...

Our local country station plays that also :) It's by George Jones :) MY husband loves it so much we had to get it in MP3 format, lol.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend....and it's not the first time Kenny Chesney was stuck in someone's head over and over again! :)

Anonymous said...

You are is Kenny Chesney...

Here are all the lyrics:


Anonymous said...

I think George Jones AND Kenny Chesney have both sang the song.

shawnyrvr said...

Yea Actually George Jones sang it waaaaay before Kenny did... lol I think Kenny says he looked up to George Jones growing up with country music.... which is the case for most male country singers. George Jones is the epitome of old time country... At least where I grew up in Texas, he was, lol