Monday, May 7, 2007

Life in General.. love it..

Okay so what a great weekend! Lots of time with family. Got to see my niece and help her celebrate her bday! It was lots and lots of fun.

One of the most awesome things is Lori, a designer at Paperthreads, used one of my files for a layout. Wooohoo! I love it. I created the file for my son who is three and had fallen down and gotten some bumps and bruises. Lori used it for her husband. So it is good to know that the file can span the gap when it comes to men. From three tooooooo.. any age. I gotta give a quick thanks to Lori for using my file. She is a new designer at Paperthreads and working on her files to get uploaded to the store. There are a few there, but I am sure there are many more to come!
Here is the file, but you can also check it out and rate it at Paperthreads Gallery.

And so I have been receiving emails about the Easy Wishblade group. The yahoo group has been removed, however, there is another version at Easy Wishbladers at Yahoo. Attended to by pretty much the same group of people. That is all I plan to add to the matter. So, if you want to find that group of people, do a search of Easy Wishbladers.

The Sale at Paperthreads was awesome! Thank you to all of those who took the time to patronize my files there and help me to stay on track offering my freebie files daily. When you miss one and purchase it. I greatly appreciate it. Helps me in my software addiction. haha. I just got Illustrator CS3. I have 10, but was so anxious to upgrade and decided to bite the bullet and do it. I haven't loaded it on the computer yet, but am thinking about doing a clean wipe and starting from scratch again to unclog my computer. But it is alot of work and would be have to be done over the weekend.

Okay so were you thinking holy cow, where is my free download. I am working on the finished file and will post the link here later today. Here is the image and I will soon update the post with the link. I had to mess with the cuts on it a little. I am working on a Safari/Zoo animal set. This is part of it. password is may. Thank you again to everyone who helps in the groups with questions about my blog! Much appreciated.

Tis Monday, Enjoy!

Here are the links. No Longer Available for Download, but

can be purchased HERE.

For Personal Use! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.


Robin said...

This is really cute. We have a great Zoo here in San Diego and we go all the time. It gets so boring to have the same pages so this will really spice things up.



Gwen said...

This is perfect. I just went to the zoo this weekend.

Trish said...

Chris - what can I say that you haven't heard? Thank you for another creative, fun and cute design - just adorable. I love reading your blog and your happiness really comes thru - when I'm under stress at work, a quick peek to your blog just perks me up :) Thanks for all you do :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've got some lovely safari photo's that I can use this for. Thanks for sharing another wondeful file. Is this a font I can find somewhere - it would look wonderful used on a t-shirt for my daughter Amy - I love the swirls !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great file Chris
take care now

Anonymous said...

This file is terrific. My DD loves giraffes, and I have some great zoo pics of giraffes... somewhere in my to-be-scrapped pile!! :) You make awesome files. Thanks for sharing your talent!!

Kate :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the files. At our zoo you can pet and feed the giraffes. They come right up to you at their head's level. I fell in love with them - they are so cute and easy going. Last year I took several digital photos of only their body to make a cool patterened paper featuring their markings. It's really cool. So,...I appreciate this file for this year's photos. Thank you again for sharing.