Thursday, May 31, 2007

We have a winner!! 2 winners actually!

We have a winner!!! 2 winners actually!!

The voting is closed and the Challenge is over.

First, I like to thank these ladies for entering the challenge. I really appreciate your efforts and posting.

The final voting was

Ace by Joni 27 20.30%
Kibu by Mavu 33 24.81%
Friend By TinaHale38 42 31.58%
Ava Grace by WendyLouWho 31 23.31%
Voters: 133. This poll is closed

This means the winner is Friend by TinaHale38
and the second runner up is Kibu by Mavu.

Both of these ladies can personal message me or email me with their list of files they would like. The file selection are from those on my blog . And also, please send the file type you would like. GSD or WPC (some of the older files are not available in WPC, so you will be sent the GSD).

It was some seriously neck n neck voting and I think all four of the ladies are worthy of a round of applause!

Well this was my first Challenge and I think it has gone pretty smoothly. Keep your eyes open for future ones! And the chance to win more files & other prizes!


Also, if the other two entrants could please email me! I have something for you for playing!


my5bratz said...

yeah my vote did

when i voted Kibu & Ava Grace both had exactly same percentage so it really was neck and neck..

well done everybody :0)

and to Chris, of course, for providing the files :0)

Marianne said...

Hi there,

Congratulations on the winner!

I am soooo happy! I am in second place! Thanks for everyone who voted on me!!!!

The other namebooks are really great as well! Everyone is a winner! The finish was sooo close!

Thanks Chris for this challenge!
And thanks for the files i won ofcourse!

Happy happy clapping, screaming etc. etc. ;-) out of the Netherlands,

Marianne, (mavu)

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Congrats to TinaHale & to mavu for winning & to all 4 of the entrants for great books. I also want to thank you again, Chris, for all the awesome files you so generously share with us all. Have a great weekend everyone!!!