Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Monkeyin' Around

Okay. So you guys had such a great idea for the last file. I had to use some of those to create a few more pieces. Which is awesome cause then I can put up individual files, but also a super pack with a bunch in one. Okay so people always ask me how do I get the bottom layer. I just took the second layer here and twisted it way out of wack from the rest of the pieces. Okay and also I hope you think the monkey is cute. He took me forever to play with. His hand ended up huge.. but ehh. maybe it adds to his charm.

These files are for your personal use. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.

So this is Wednesdays file. Thursday my Nan goes into the hospital and we shall see what Thurs may bring. If all goes well there will be another file. If not so great, I will be out of commission for a few days.

Thank you to all the great comment ideas. How fantastic. When I am working on a project I usually have an idea for it and it is hard sometimes to get past that idea. So all the added ones really helped me out! Also, Shae sent me some great background pics. And Sandie sent me a file for my Nan. Both made me smile and were just awesome.

Also, we have a new Namebook Challenge entrant by Mavu. Woohoooo! So excited. So check it out! Also, if you want to email me the pictures files, I will be posting them on my blog for the voting so people can vote. So dont forget to send me the pics as well. HERE is the link for the challenge gallery.

And the downloads.... No longer available for download, but can be purchased HERE. Password is the same as the last post.

You guys have made my day with your comments and your great emails.

Thank you to everyone!




Anonymous said...

I love your monkey! Big hands, warm heart, right? No wait,...I think I might have altered that saying to fit the situation. Ha. Seriously, this is another great file. Thank you for sharing.

I am hoping you will come up with a clever Zebra too! Ha. :)

I will be thinking of you and your Nan. I know she feel better having you there to support her.

Anonymous said...

Chris he is so cute. His hand looks like it's reaching out to touch you .. :) Thanks again for all you hard work to share with all of us.

Your nana and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for Nan and your family!!
Love the files, look forward to your daily downloads!!

Thanks, Laura in Baltimore

Faith said...

No Monkey'in Around!! I'll be thinking of your whole family tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for another great monkey file. My daughter was in monkey heaven when she saw this one.

Hope all goes will for your Nan.

Renae in Colorado

Robin M said...

Hope everything goes wonderfully for your Nan tomrorow. ((Hugs)) for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Prayers and thoughts will be with you and Nan today and everyday. Hope all works out well.

Love this monkey... big hand and all. *hugs* Helena

Anonymous said...

Adorable file, Chris! And very charming :) Best wishes for you and your Nan on Thursday!!!


sussann said...

Chris, I cannot say it enough. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome files. You are truly gifted and I am so thankful that you are so generous in sharing your talent with us. Thank you!!

Robin said...

This is so cute. I will keep you and your Nan in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. [[[[[HUGS]]]]]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another real cute and useful file. You and your Nan are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how things went today with your Nan....Shae

Kristen said...

Great file Chris :) Thanks!

Michelle said...

I am trying to downloade this file and its not letting me...its so cute and thank you for sharing these wonderful files with us.....and especially for making them into the hard to find WPC files!!