Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For Fun, Just Add Water

Another Water Fun file... This item can be used in many ways or like I have it layered here. There is a boat with a few pieces to place on top to give it depth and charachter (windows and stripes on bottom) The words all cut as one piece and the mat cuts as one piece. And the wave is a repeat but flipped here for use in this file. This file is no longer available, but can be purchase HERE. I have changed the password it should be vacation. if you are one of the two or three that download before I get a chance to check it. give me a few seconds to check it out.
So the big question..... HAVE YOU VOTED YET?? We are at about 105 votes listed on the Paperthreads challenge. I get about 400 downloads a file now between the file types and approx 1000 hits on my blog every day! So maybe a few more votes would be awesome. Here is the link on Paperthreads to the forum. I am one of the few designers who has ventured forward on doing a challenge there. So if you can support it by voting I would greatly appreciate it.
Also, gotta say thank you for the verbage on this file! I knew I wanted to do a boat and yes I am working on a sailboat to. I have one of those sitting in my front yard also. thank goodness for acreage. but anyways. I knew I wanted to do a boat file and this verbage made me smile. Okay so Arizona has the highest number of boats per capita. Is that crazy since we live in the desert. The stewardess on the flights from phoenix to tucson give the information about flotation devices and you are thinking.... seriouslyyyyy is there water between here and there. And if there is will a plane actually fit into it. Well I am one of those. I have my step-dad's sailboat sitting here and my father-in-laws sitting next to it. The fish/ski boat we will be taking to the lake a few times this summer. So I am looking forward to it. We actually got a double tube this past xmas. Can't wait to ride two on that. Should be fun. We usually tow two tubes and throw eachother off. My little but bigger than me brother didn't realize I was serious and I threw him off the first time. lots of fun.
okay I am rambling and I gotta ton to do today still!


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Hey Chris....welcome home! So glad you had a good visit & REST! We all missed you here tho. Wanted to let you know I voted when you first posted to....before you left. I love all your files. Really gonna start using stuff more now that all my Father's Day cards are in the mail to Iraq & I can start using some of your files to make some all occasion cards. Thanks again for sharing with us.

Kristen said...

Hi Chris! Love this file. We live on the lake and have lots of boat pics! I got my vote in too! Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Love the boat file!!! We go to the lake often and use my parent's boat there. Also, I voted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the file. I had to laugh (quite loudly) when I read that you have a little but bigger than you brother also. I've described my "little" brother that way for several years now. He's not to excited about it but other people tend to smile. Oh, and I voted - had to. Those books created with your files are ALL was terrible to have to pick just one. I can hardly wait to see who wins.