Friday, May 4, 2007

April Showers...

It is almost the weekend wooohoooo!!!

So do you know tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day? Seems like my emailbox is full of sales and coupons regarding it. So tomorrow is also Cinco De Mayo which is a big thing down here where I live. And it is even bigger because it actually falls on the weekend. There will be lots of Margaritas toasted. Makes me kinda wonder, so seriously, who decided to put a hobby where you use scissors and cutters with a holiday that you serve tequila laden drinks. wewwweeee. Could be an interesting combination. If you decide to celebrate both be careful! But have lots of fun.

Today's files is "Aprils Showers Bring May Flowers". Here in the desert we have to create our own showers at times, hence the watering can added to this file. So there is a 4 piece flower, The words connected so they cut as one and a mat. Also included some "raindrops" and a watering can. This download is no longer available for free download, but is for sale on Paperthreads HERE. (woops I missed this... password is may)

Usually I miss the weekends, but I am pretty sure looking at my day I will have a post tomorrow morning. So don't forget to check it out.

Have a great weekend and Enjoy!



Faith said...

Chris, Is there a new password today?? I've tried all the old ones and didn't read a new one today. April Showers is sooo perfect for our Oregon Coast

Carolyn said...

Hi Chris

I could not find a password for todays file so I used the last one I could see which was flower but it keeps coming up as invalid password. I love this file and think it is gorgeous and am worried while I am sleeping here In Australia the dlownload limit will be reached. Is there somethign I am missing and doing wrong? I love your work Thanks for being so generous and offering your talent as freebies for those of us yet to learn how to do these beautiful files.

Thanks again


Ginger said...

I'm stumped, too! Even tried words from the post such as celebrate, raindrops, etc. and I can't figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Your work is truly awesome! I just found your blog and am so sorry I did not fine you sooner. I love this cutting file. Thank you so much for sharing your work
I tried to download todays file using the password flower. It said that the password is invalid. Did I so something wrong?

Chris said...

Woooops. Forgot the password it is there now. may


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...


Awesome file again as usual. Hope you all have a great weekend. Please share pictures of your scrapping with that Margarita in hand ok? LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful file. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!


Liz said...


Ginny said...

I really appreciate that you give us the files in WPC also.

This is a great file, thank you.

marie said...

Chris: I am constantly amazed at your talent and generosity. As always, this is a great file. Thanks again. Happy Cinco de Mayo and be careful with those sharp scissors!! Marie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lovely little file... the UK has been enjoying very warm sunny weather (thanks to the old global warming thing)but it looks like some rain is on its way and may be worth a pic or two, so this file will be very apt.