Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feeling Better ... Jello!

Feeling better... You know you are starting to get over the stomach flu when you are thinking about food again. And for me I am thinking about Salmon. It just keeps popping up as I am working.
Salmon tacos. Salmon with veggies. Salmon. yeah I am weird, but I am good with that because it means I am starting to get better.

We all came down with the flu this past weekend. It is NO BUENO to have the two adults get sick at the same time, but it is okay with our kid. I sat on the front porch on Monday and watched him go out and feed the horses for us because we couldn't walk. He said " I got it" and he did. He is getting so big and so responsible. He started out the weekend unloading all his breakfast in the car on the way to basketball. So not good. In the car. We were doomed for sickness after having to try and drive home to clean the car and put him back to bed.

But the good part is we made it. and with limited dehydration even tho' water wasn't even staying within.

Yeah this is a gross post, but my hubby and I both felt like we were run over by a truck. Time warp where you are effectively trying to work to catch up for two days that you had to sleep through in their entirety.

And it is awesome to have your son make you jello and do it well.

You think this is a crazy comment? I have a confession... I have never made jello and had it set. So I only ever buy it in the cups. I usually have it for when I am sick.

But my son he can make jello. he followed the instruction and then his comment was "WOW this tastes like the REAL thing." I laughed so hard my stomach hurt again. Apparently he can now make jello and I won't need to buy the little containers. and maybe he will realize the cup and the mix are the "real thing" ha! He was also happy because he could get more then what was in the little cups as well.

That was my crazy weekend.. oh that also included two tow truck pickups for my truck. but that is life.

The best part is tomorrow the sun comes up. And you get to try it all over again.


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