Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No screen time

My friend Heidi used the term "Screen Time" a few years ago and it is a description I LOVE. It is a description my son ABHORS.

It means anything with a screen... Phone, TV, computer, video games.. Anything with a screen.

In an effort to make it through the school year on the best grounds. We have proclaimed this week a No Screen Time week. At first my son freaked. now he is figuring out things to do. We have worked on the garden room. Cleaned out the Chicken coop. Played Pictionary.

It  has been some fun fun times actually so far. A little pouting and frustration. But he has friends coming to visit on Friday night and the Screen Time Ban will be lifted. But surprisingly these friends would rather run around outside and be crazy here then be in the house. So we shall see how it goes.

But this was an interesting concept as a recent family member who moved was telling me they were spending more time chatting on the patio because their "screen services" were not fully in yet. So it crosses many age groups where we start to just stare at the screen. I hope I don't hit that phase of staring and will do my best to try and walk away from it. But I am definitely subject to it that little ping on my phone with an update.

I have 4 posts put together for my June fun summer series. I hope to add lots more.

I hope you enjoy No Screen Time week with some little ones or old friends. you would be surprised the fun things to come up with and do.

Be with the ones your with and enjoy them fully without worrying about that screen. 


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