Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest Bloggers... Fun Summer Ideas

 I am working on a Fun Summer Ideas series for the month of June. so if you have some easy low stress ideas that you want me to highlight let me know. You can be my guest blogger for the day or send me your idea and I will compile a post! Just send me an email with Fun Summer Ideas in the subject. I'd like to fill the month of June and would like some super smiley faces pics and project pics to go with. (Yours or things from around the web of awesome ideas you'd like to try). And you can earn some free files. 

June is my birthday. I turn 40 woohoo! I am an adult (almost). I still like to play with paper and glue and have fun. I cannot believe I have hit 40. A friend texted me and said. HOW is this possible? I said I have no idea. So being my birthday month. I'd like to offer great ideas for summer fun. 

Please help me out and think of some posts you might like and if they would include one of my cutter files. Just let me know. I will send you the file. you can create and send me your blog post with pics to load! 


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