Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Could it be a golden egg?

So excited about these two little eggs. It is almost as if they could be the "golden eggs". Woohoo. My son is uber happy school is over so he can collect in the mornings. So this morning I sat at my studio working away.. when arose such a clatter.. oh wait this isn't a santa story unless he lays eggs, but entirely different concept. There was so much squawking I thought for sure we had a snake or cat in the hen house. So I went out to see and there were three hens standing and staring over one little egg and squawking up a storm. Running around it like some crazy chicken dance. The 4th hen was up in the top boxes just hanging out and then get up and walked to see what was going on and wahla she left an egg behind in her box. Yeah. So I went in and grabbed the eggs and wew all the racket seemed to quiet.  And I bounced around and happy danced with two eggs. And I didn't even trip over a rock, lose my balance and crush them all. They made it to the crate in the fridge. Woohoo. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Maybe a "golden egg"? Wink wink haha.
Love my life.

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