Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Day to all those celebrating the power of Mom's. This is my son's gift for his Nana. The first initial of her last name. And it is perfect to go with the decor of her home. Beach oasis in the desert. Perfect. We had a great time. Working on it, but when I turned my back. Painting the modge podge on became pouring it on. So in some areas. I am not sure it will every dry further then the top layer. I have learned as a Mom life is not found in the perfect craft or perfect moment. But in those where you are wiping up half a container of modge podge off the table. And cutting the dried excess off your project. The best part of it was organizing the phenomenal sea shells which were picked up off the beaches in Florida by a family member years and years ago. Perfect. And time with my son crafting even better. As usual I ramble. Have a wonderful weekend! Mine is filled with time with guys and the best son and hubby a mom and wife could ever have. Makes every day perfect. Enjoy! Chris

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