Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother's Day Card

This is a  Mom's day card. My son and I made for CAD. 

 It says inside. "Mom you are my blue bird of happiness." I love cuttlebug plates. And my son helped me pull this together. He's so fun to have in the studio with me.The goal for him was to find some way to use the Gelly Roll pens that are glitter that I have. He loves to use them. I have had them for years and am still surprised they haven't quit or gummed up. So he pondered this totally white card while I worked on something else and then said hey lets color the birds blue. And then sat and stared at my jars of embellishments. Easy to find something when they are sorted by color. He picked the pink bow that matched the ribbon I had already placed out to use.  Love the creative process. 

We decided to highlight our bluebird of happiness when there was a teeny bit of over coloring and we couldn't get it removed. So we colored it with blue pencil. to make it stand out instead of try to hide it. 

Love it. 

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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Tina Campbell said...

Beautiful card Chris, your son did a marvelous job!