Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chicken coop

When our Henny Pennies are not running around in a Chicken Tractor. This is their home. It is two level. Lots of room on the bottom to peck at. And we only have 4 chickens.  My hubby did an awesome job. I am working on my added touches. I think the red star is to small. So may change that out. 

This is the egg pickup window in the back. I put the words Room Service on it. ;)
In this pic below you can see the slanted chicken ladder. the big Chunky hen goes up and down it all the time. For no apparent reason sometimes. 
And they stand in the upper part when you walk by and "growl" for lack of  a better word. I always thought chickens clucked. Our growl. Could scare someone if you walked out in the dark and didn't realize there was a chicken coop there. They are almost 6 months old now. No eggs yet, but my son checks the Room Service door often.

This is a sideview above. And those white chairs are perfect for sitting and chatting in while someone is brushing a horse. I haven't decided what color to paint them yet, but it will come to me next time I am at Home Depot. 

And I must admit I sit in those two chairs alot and watch their crazy Chicken antics. I must say it is one of my happy places at our house. :-)

I have another plan to add to it, but I will add it later. And post a picture :-)


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