Friday, June 1, 2012

Mustache Party fun....

Recently my friend Lora had a fun birthday party and she made these silly mustaches for the party for silly pictures. it was awesome and so much fun. I cut the mustaches for her and and she added the sticks to hold them up. I love fun ideas this was fun! Silly and fun!

My son got in on the act as well. and all the other kids to. So fun!
Lora also picked up some silly face masks at Michael's to go with. 

If you want to make your own disguises and fun for your next party, Grab Lori's QMC. 
She has a file that would be perfect for just this silliness. I saw it the other day when perusing through the forum to see what she was loading for the new QMC members. Lori is the QMC lady this time around and I'll be back after. 

This is an EARLY bird File. So you have to get in on it by the fourth to grab this file. just think of all the summer fun parties with the "disguises" running around and the great pics!

Have some fun! Enjoy! Chris

PS for my friend Lori and my friend Lora. Yes I love you both dearly and you crack me up! I cannot imagine not having you both in my life although miles and miles and miles apart. It is the bestest to have you both as my friends. I find it awesome that you came together on one post. In a weird mustachey way. haha. 

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