Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 5 - Last day to enter for drawing tomorrow.

Here is your winner for yesterdays comments!!!
 Lynn BarwaldAnd the list of files won is.. 
CD00431 Happy Birthday To You!   

CD00444 Cooking up the Love  
CD00454 Baroque Background 454  
CD00461 Baroque Background 461  
CD00226 Head of the Bunch Vinyl Cuts  
CD00667 Elegant Vine Swirl  
CD00633 Across the Page Set 2  
CD00636 Artwork Created by  
CD00648 Retirement Sunrise  
CD00710 Oops Word Book  
CD00833 ABCIloveU  
CD00840 Fleur de Lis collection  
Cd00771 Pull Up A Seat  
CD00788 Journal

Winners I hope to sit late this afternoon and send all these links out for your winnings. Know they are coming :-)

Last Day to Play for this week!

***   Don't forget to post a comment here on my blog or on facebook to be entered again for tomorrow's drawing. if this is your first time.. more details are below ***

On to life.. I have a ton to do today because I want done for the weekend so I can enjoy it fully! Thanks for all the great grilling ideas yesterday. loved them. We have plans but it will be a very free flow weekend. I like those. needs those some times. I am going to keep this short... so I can get a freebie together to add this weekend and don't forget about my Sweeeet Deal! Enjoy! Chris

Okay on to a few other things.. ...

I mentioned a SWEEEET Deal at the beginning of the week. And here it is. I have a chunk of older files that have never made it to the store. I have grouped them up in a bundle for $5.00 for these 24 zip downloads. For sale until June 17th. The files included have lots of cuts in them. I think one has 20 different cuts all on its own. I am giving you the opportunity to purchase them at a bulk rate before I load them to the store individually. If you have been with me from the beginning you would have gotten these files about 7-8 years ago. They are much older. So check your sku numbers which I will list at the store in the product description.
Purchase Here in the store.  Not available as a bundle after June 17th, 2012
File types included: AI, GSD(v2.4), DXF, KNK, MTC, SVG, WPC(v14)

And then on to the freebie!!!

I wanted to get the winner up and am finishing test cutting today is file. It will be up a little later today. in the meantime comment and enter. I will post on facebook when the file is up. :-) 

here is the file. .. I wanted the tv for another card so added some pieces. Still working on the original file I had planned for today. I am to picky sometimes about my nodes. 

password is iagreetou if asked at the forum. Enjoy!

Here is the repetitive information from previous posts...

Same Deal today.. Comment on my blog or my facebook page under the post for THIS blog posting (heading Day 3 - happy birthday title freebie) . and you will be entered again for a random drawing of your store wishlist. So comment and take the time to fill out your wishlist  in the store with files you really would like to win. Here is a repeat below of info from yesterday. 

It is my birthday week. Woohooo! Those who have followed my blog know that I love to give away things my birthday week to celebrate. I am doing it a little differently this year. Last year I gave away some wishlists to folks that don't even own a cutter anymore.( wew really wow? the thought of giving up one of my four machines makes me cringe and have heart palpitations.)  So this year. I am asking that you comment on this post (at my blog) or on my facebook under the same day post.
 I will draw tomorrow for a wishlist from those who comment here (at my blog for those reading in the forum) or for those who have commented on my facebook post for this blog post. I will try to notate it very closely. And yes, if you post both places you will get an entry for each post. (If you are on facebook and plan to follow along there make sure to add me to your news feed so you don't miss a post. You can do so by clicking Liked and selecting "show in news feed.")

What is a wishlist? It's in the store.. add any of my items you realllly really want to your wishlist (I will not be giving out more then 20 per wishlist) and then comment here and facebook and you will be entered for each comment to win your whole wishlist tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and do it all over again! This way I am giving you the files I know you really wish for!!

To get quick fun updates of things going on, you can join my facebook page.

My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!


Kelly S said...

Enjoy the weekend with your family. Hope it is fun and relaxing! Happy Birthday once again!!! :-)

joanberrie said...

Celebrate and enjoy your birthday! Thanks for sharing it. Love your files and love the inspiration too.

hrk_md said...

Happy grilling and hope you enjoy celebrating Fathers Day and your birthday. It should be a joyous weekend.

Esther W-B said...

Enjoy your Birthday and Father's Day celebrations this weekend! Thanks again for including us in your week long birthday celebration.

momof5 said...

Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

Sandra from NC said...

Hope you've had a wonderful birthday week!!!

Jean said...

It has been a fun birthday week with you. Enjoy your weekend with your family. Thanks for the opportunity to play with you.

Heather D. said...

Thank you for a fun birthday week! It's been fun celebrating with you :-) I hope you and your family have a great birthday/father's day weekend.

Lynn Barwald said...

WOW Chris!!! THANKS!!! I LOVE your birthday! THANKS for picking me and letting me celebrate with you! :-)

Sandy said...

The weeks not over yet-Enjoy your bday week up until the end!

Renae said...

HavE an awesome weekend with your guys.

Helen said...

Thanks for a great week and all the freebies. Happy Birthday once again. Have a great weekend.

sharonscraps said...

Thanks for the great file!

Raven said...

Thanks for all the birthday freebies this week. Wishing you continued success on your site.

Donna Mckinley said...

Great birthday giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

scoobie81 said...

How wonderful that you've been celebrating for the week! Maybe you should just keep on celebrating! Thanks for the sweet "gifts", Chris!

confetticlown said...

Chris -- You're the best!


Margie said...

I love the retro fun files! Thanks for sharing!

LisaInMaryland said...

Hooray that Lynn won! And thanks for one more chance for the rest of us.

Happy, happy birthday!

bzyPTmom said...

Congrats to Lynn! And Happy Birthday weekend Chris, hope it is relaxing and not too hot!

Anna said...

Congrats Lynn and to all the winners which is all of us. :) Thanks so much Chris for all the awesome freebies and I hope your birthday is the best one yet. Enjoy every second.

marla said...

Happy Birthday and it is my birthday week also and today is the day of my birthday. I would LOVE to win some cool files for my birthday. Thanks for the chance.

Sandy said...

Thank you SO much for the free files - I'll be using all of them! Thank you for including us in your celebration!

Anonymous said...

Love your files and ideas. Thank you.