Monday, June 11, 2012

And so it begins!!! Wishlist giveaways

THIS DRAWING IS CLOSED! But there will be drawings all week so keep trying. I am off to pick a winner!

It is my birthday week. Woohooo! Those who have followed my blog know that I love to give away things my birthday week to celebrate. I am doing it a little differently this year. Last year I gave away some wishlists to folks that don't even own a cutter anymore.( wew really wow? the thought of giving up one of my four machines makes me cringe and have heart palpitations.)  So this year. I am asking that you comment on this post (at my blog) or on my facebook under the same day post.
 I will draw tomorrow for a wishlist from those who comment here (at my blog for those reading in the forum) or for those who have commented on my facebook post for this blog post. I will try to notate it very closely. And yes, if you post both places you will get an entry for each post. (If you are on facebook and plan to follow along there make sure to add me to your news feed so you don't miss a post. You can do so by clicking Liked and selecting "show in news feed.")


What is a wishlist? It's in the store. add any of my items you realllly really want to your wishlist (I will not be giving out more then 20 per wishlist) and then comment here and facebook and you will be entered for each comment to win your whole wishlist tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and do it all over again! This way I am giving you the files I know you really wish for!!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and see who won today's wishlist giveaway. And enter again!
And below is a freebie for today. I wanted to create a card that was a little more edgy, but easy to cut. Not a "cutesy file". But one that could be used for a male or female that just wasn't flowers and curls. If you download this and create something I'd love to see so feel free to email me or upload it to the gallery. I hope you can use the card front and add your own twist. 


My goal is to offer a freebie almost every day this week. and at the end of the week offer a SWeeeet Deal.
Here is today's Freebie!!

To Download visit here.  If you are asked for a password, it is iagreetou .

Things I need to say about freebies. 
When you enter the password it says I agree TOU. it means that you agree to my terms of use that this is a personal use. In order for me to keep creating freebies. Please send folks here to my blog. Another good place to find me is on my facebook page for quick updates. 

Answers to Questions..
Folks ask my why am I loading to the forum and why the password. Well my other option is a site perhaps like 4shared etc. So you would follow the same steps only instead you go to the forum on the VDBC site and download. I am trying to centralize my work and time on the net so I can create create create. (I am having success with this goal as I have been creating like crazy.) So once you have registered at the forum you can continue to download the freebies by using the passwords. They change once a month rather then every time. So sometimes the forum may not even ask you for a password if you already entered it that month. :-) And that is the blah blah blah of today's post. 

So now run on over and grab that file. And just remember.... 
if you are  a"current QMC member" I load all my downloads from my blog to the QMC perks section for your download at any time. 

To get quick fun updates of things going on, you can join my facebook page.

My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!


bzyPTmom said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Today is my bro's BD, so a popular time to be born! Thanks for the freebie and now I have to go and check out my wish list--haven't added to it lately! Have a great day!

Jill M said...

Happy, happy Birthday. Many more. I will check my wishlist to make sure it is up to date and will add more.

Raven said...

Congratulations on your Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic one and congrats on another Anniversary.

Esther W-B said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks so much for the freebie and the chance to win files in my wishlist.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the Freebie!

Sandra from NC said...

Love the file Chris! Thanks so much and Happy Birthday. As for Living Life to the fullest... I try not to let the little things get to me :). Take time for myself and love God.

Heather D. said...

I'm sorry, did you say that some people don't have their cutter anymore?! How did that happen? Why? That's terrible! How can they live without their cutter? Ok, now that I got that off my chest... Thank you for the freebie!

Happy Birthday! June's a great month for a bday - I'm particularly fond of the 23rd ;-)

Kelly S said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Thanks for the beautiful freebie.

Renae said...

Have a wonderful birthday Chris! You are such a sweet person.


lilred said...

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the beautiful card file. I love it. Can not wait to cut it out and make a card. I don't know that I could be without my cutter. I am afraid I would have bad withdrawal symptoms. As to life to the fullest, I feel the answer to that is a good husband, wonderful kids, having Heavenly Father in your life, and best of all being a grandma. Oh and having a cutter J/ Being true to yourself and your beliefs.

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Chris. Thank you for celebrating your birthday with us in such an awesome way. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for the freebies.

Pam S said...

Happy Birthday Week Chris. Thanks for the freebie.

Carols Crafting Corner said...

Happy Birthday Chris, there are just tooo many things I love in your store to list but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday anyways!
love hugs and prayers

pam said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks so much for the freebie, great file!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Hope your day is filled with love and blessings for many more!!

Anna said...

Thanks Chris and Happy Birthday. I've updated my wishlist. Thanks again.

Lynn C. ( said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Chris. I hope you have a wonderful day and have many more birthdays to come. Thanks for the wishlist giveaway. That is really exciting.
I appreciate all that you do for us with sharing your freebies and creating such wonderful files.
Thanks for making your birthday week such an exciting time for us.

amaraob1 said...

Happy Birthday Chris!
You deserve a wonderful week!!
I can't believe how many items I added to my wish list - have I not been around much or what?
Thank you for the fun and excitement surrounding your birthday week! -Amara

Anonymous said...

Wow, I couldn't imagine being without my cutter either! Am hoping to get a better one soon and still don't think I could part with the old one. My Grandma always tells me to take care of myself and enjoy life.

scoobie81 said...

Happy birthday, Chris!!! Praying it is a fabulous one!

suem said...

A VERY HAPPY and Blessed Birthday Chris. May your day be filled with joy. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us also!


Liz Lumsden said...

Happy happy joy joy! And many more....