Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fireflies and Lightening Bugs

For Mother's Day we made a few Lightening Bugs. My hubby knows that I love to craft. So he was happy to sit at the table with us and draw some faces and make one. Wow. Can I just say.. He is the best... I really cannot express. We had such a great day and that was the best for me.

 I saw these on pinterest. We made them with plastic Easter eggs we got super cheap, Sharpie paint Pens for the eyes, Bic Mark-its, Glue for the wings, pipe cleaners for the legs, a piercing tool to poke holes in the egg for the legs and antennae, battery operated tea light. Overall looking at them you can see what we did. The best part was holding the clothespin to hold the wings in place.

So here is a fun photo shoot of our silly lightening bugs. We gave two to my Mother In Law and she loved them. Being from Minnesota, as they sit over summer on the patio with friends, I am sure they will be quite the conversation piece with friends. So fun.


Clothespins helped the wings dry in place. 

I cut two different types of wings and everyone chose their own style. fun!

These two below in the front are my sons cute smiley ones.
My hubby did the one in the back on the right below
and mine have the white eyes. So fun!

And here is how the light fits in perfect. And makes their little butts light up. I will try to get a night time photo soon.  My MIL loved hers and I love mine. 
We still have another one to give my Mom when we see her next. So fun. 

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