Monday, June 18, 2012

Last winner. and thank you!!

Raven.... You are the final winner from the Birthday week. I have sent you your links for winning your wishlist of my files in the store.
Please email me with the name you'd like on the custom frame from your wish list!
 Thank you for playing! Sorry for the day delay. I just needed some time with my guys.

Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the birthday week wishlist giveaways it was so much fun! And thank you for so many wonderful Birthday wishes.

And I will leave the free files up for a few more days and then move them to the QMC perks. So grab those while you can. Also, the SWEEEEET Deal for $5.00 will stay up today. Thank you to Riley for emailing me and asking to leave it up because she was out of town for Father's Day. But today is the last day for all 24 zips for $5.00.

Purchase Here in the store.  Not available as a bundle after today.
File types included: AI, GSD(v2.4), DXF, KNK, MTC, SVG, WPC(v14)

I will post all the photo projects from Father's Day Fungi project later this week and thanks for stopping by!

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My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!

1 comment:

Raven said...

What a wonderful surprise for me. I was gone with my Mom and sister this weekend for Mother/daughter time with my Mom for her birthday.

Thanks Chris...and Happy Anniversay!!!