Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sundays Rambling...

Okay so it is Sunday. Clean up and get ready for the week. I feel like I need five wrist watches on Sundays. I’d like to set one for the next dryer load. One for the next washer load. One for the next dishwasher load. One for 5 oclock so my kiddo gets scrubbed up and clean before his favorite America’s Funniest Videos show.

Hmm… just not feasible as I don’t even where one water. And I don’t have a pocket to bring my blackberry with me to set the alarms. Although this is something I may have to ponder. …

So how about you? Did you get a cut posted in the forum for the weekly challenge??? My goal is to get the studio cleaned up for another week of test cuts. My lovely hubby is working on boosting my signal out in the studio for internet. Hard to upload files when things are dragging.


Basically we plan to spend the day at home. I love Sundays at home. My son does so much better at school on Monday when his Sunday is freeflowing and at home. He knows this to so when we have plans on Sundays he begs to stay home. Begs begs.


One of my tasks today is to figure out how to eat up all the bountiful basket. So we have green bell peppers about 6 of them so I plan to do stuffed bell peppers and my hubby doesn’t know this yet, but I think I will make the stuffing ahead of time, stuff the peppers and then wrap them in tinfoil and throw it on the grill to bake. Lot better then heating up the house. So past that I have… strawberries, blackberries, pears, bananas (those I am not worried about the fruit will be gone… but if you have any recipes for these. I have jalapenos, Anaheim chiles, yellow onion, celelery, romaine, tomatoes (yum I could eat those today they are big beef steaks) Mexican gray squash, cantaloupe,  oh I know I am missing something. And on Friday because I didn’t want to grocery shop this weekend. I bought chicken breast, chicken tenders (not the coated kind, just thin slices of chicken frozen, raw shrimp, canned tomatos, and a few other things. So if you have some mahvelous recipe idea with any of those send it my way. I will be planning meals at the end of the day. I wish there was some other way to eat the romaine then a salad. We get it every time. I love it. And have done all kids of different salads. But it’s probably the purpose of it since it is the main ingredient of salad.  Oh and the celery. We never eat it. I should have just offered it up at the pickup spot for someone else. And pears. I am trying to think of some fancy fun desert I could make with pears. Seems to me I saw pears with a raspberry sauce somewhere. I think it had goat cheese. Why my mind was wondering I started thinking I wonder how much of a pain it is to have a goat and milk it. Well let’s say after this last few weeks with animals we are full up to the limit so I won’t even entertain the idea. My hubbies horse has the huge “hole” in her chest for lack of a better word. I would post a picture but it makes me nauseous looking at it. And I try to be a stomach friendly site.


Well that’s it for my Sunday Ramblings. More tomorrow on my sister’s awesome Baby party and how much fun it was. For now I am off to check the washer and see if I can flip it.



Enjoy your Sunday!!!


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Jen Adkins said...

Yummy! Pears!

The best way (IMHO) to serve them is to poach them in passover wine or any sweet red wine (add a touch of sweetener if needed). Serve them as a dessert with candied walnuts and a piece of blue cheese. (And let me know when dinner is!)

I go through celery like crazy! LOL! I eat it with peanut butter all the time, and then as a treat mix up a spread of smoked salmon and cream cheese to stuff it with.