Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sundays food blessing...

One of my Sunday blessings I do is sit down and figure out what to eat during the week. It's a blessing for me because so many I know are struggling right now. We have these wonderful things to eat. Therefore it is a blessing.  So rather then cleaning out the fridge, trimming up the veggies, shopping for groceries, cooking up dinner, cleaning up dishes, tables, spills and thinking of it as some form of chore or tedium. I try to keep it in mind that it is a blessing. For a long time I thought planning our meals was a boring thing to do. Why not be impulsive and just go with it every day. But now I relish it and it means we eat soooo much better. It means during the week I don't have to concentrate on food. I just look at my list. take out the food that should thaw for that evening and go about my day. When dinner time comes I don't stand in front of the fridge and stare at what I should have thawed or prethrown in the crop pot and then I call the hubby and say let's do pickup. This picture below is what I try to incorporate in my week. Here is my $15.00 haul from Bountiful Baskets this week (what you don't see is the buried grapefruit bag and the romaine lettuce.) We are looking at red peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, champagne grapes, english cucumber, peaches, cauliflower, mangos, sweet corn ( I am sure I am missing something.) Now to make a plan....

In this picture I see these things I can fit into our meals.
Corn on the cob, Grilled peaches, mango salsa or mango smoothies, cucumber and tomato salad, and cauliflower. (oh I am determined to figure something out for this veggie I generally ignore).
What do you see that I could make with my veggies and fruits?
So I think...

Monday - Burgers, Corn on the cob grilled, and peaches grilled in tin foil with brown sugar and cinnamon (my son will probably want to pour this over some vanilla ice cream)

Tuesday .. Chicken and some Cauliflower recipe (have to look something up) with mango & banana Smoothies for desert

Wednesday ...  Make your own Gluten Free Pizza Crust Pizza ( I use the personal kinnick crusts. They are square and cook the most even and we can make our own). I think the toppings offered will be cheese, chicken leftovers from the grill, red pepper slices, Tomatoes sliced, Corn (from the extra ears I will cut off and put in the fridge) My favorite is Tomato, Green onion (not in the basket bummer), pesto sauce.. no red, and chicken chunks.

Thursday .. Sandwich and leftover night. with Cucumber, Tomato, Feta Cheese and Olives tossed with EVOO and seasoning to go with.... It's cub scouts night. Minimal cooking on my part and the salad will be an excellent leftover for Friday lunch for me.

Friday night...  ??? This is the night we decide what we want right then. This last weekend we were at Grandma's. Usually we grab something out to celebrate the end of another great week. Or just have munchies while we watch a movie or enjoy a campfire. (Think Roasted hot dogs over the campfire)

So these are my thoughts for the week. Do you have any other thoughts.. Anyone have a great use for grapefruits other then using them like softballs for the border collie to chase? Huge bag of them under all that other good stuff and my hubby likes them, but I am not sure how many he can eat that quickly.

Well on to the next Sunday Mission. The Champagne Grapes are mostly missing already. My son who had never had them.. Nor had my hubby and I.. my son thought they were just sooooo cute and when he took a bite. just soooo delish. Yeah for another new try in the produce dep't.

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