Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Party Decorations

Here they are those baby party decorations we made with the Rocket Cuts now in the QMC. This was fun to help my sister's friend plan. I cut lots of rockets to hang and the new baby's name to decorate. I cut little rockets and glued them doublesided on to toothpicks. I love it all. Came out awesome. i hope you like the pictures.

My sister's friend and I debated left and right cupcake or cake. My sister wanted cake with butter cream icing and raspberry jam in the inside. Apparently we are a small member of people who put this in the middle of their cakes. So so yum. I tried to make the butter icing once for one of my own cakes and just screwed it up, but will have to try again. Butter and Powdered Sugar how hard can it be?

And this is the top of the cake with my little Rocket Cuts file on toothpicks. first we had them on the cupcakes but then moved them. I loved it.
And this is my sister's fireplace. More rockets and stars and baby names.

We hung these on fishing line so they floated. and my Mom attached stars to the bottom of the green streamers to weigh them down. (I had the streamers in a bag from my sons 1st or 2nd birthday party. the theme was John Deere. I am a packrat for sure, but they matched perfectly. )

This is my cutey patootey niece and son under the crib. They love the new rocket room. Which i will debut when my sister sends me pictures. She emailed and said she thought it was worthy of my blog. hahah. I can't wait to share the pics with you.

And then we had to share our blue tongues from the icing. My cousin in her stylish blue tongue.
and wew I didn't get the green tongue from the lady behind you to show.

And then my hubbies blue tongue. he knows fulll well this is going on the blog.
and then Spoiled Sport Uncle Mark.. Decided to not share his blue tongue. That's all right I'll get you on the blog some other time. just you wait. You probably will wish you had shown your blue tongue! haha.

I am going to show the pics of my prego sister with her room she is so proud of! Enjoy! Chris

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