Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Rocket Book!!!

This is my Rocket Book I gave to my sister. I embellished some but not alot so she could fill it with her own tastes and desires. She is having her second child so I didn't want to give her something she already has so I decided to make a simple book with some items in it to get her started. I think she really liked it.
I hope you do to. Enjoy! Chris
So my son decided he needed his picture taken with the book since he helped. So here is the picture.

And this was the front page.

My son kept trying to squish the front page flat I had to show him I put some of the pieces on with op dots so it wouldn't be flat. OHHHHH is what I was told. ha!

This is kinda the title page. Originally I was going to write on the outside edge of the cut outs "Arrived" Weight" Time" Date" etc with arrows pointing to the centers of the stars and rockets, but I wasn't sure my Sister would want it that way so I left it blank. And yes this is the "waste" from cutting all those rockets for the shower and stars. I couldn't get rid of it.
This files is in the QMC already 1st snuggles. Yeah I cut it to big. So had to run it off the page. I only glued the center portion so she can slip the pictures underneath the edges.

This page above was my son contribution. I thought He balanced it quite well. Then he started digging in my bag and tada... glitter pen. So he had to add "shootings" to the stars to make them "shooting starts" very cute. He was most impressed my sister pulled it out and found his page right away. he was very excited and said he needs to do a few more for other family members. He used my Cricut to cut the Love and the rockets and stars were already cut. So it is ready for a picture.

And this page I just cut the 1st snuggles file with rockets in the window so i could get mroe pieces to create this page. It has a few spots for pictures.

And this was one of a few extra pages that I put minimal embellishment on it so my Sis could fill it with her own things.  We can't wait for the new baby chase to show. :-)

So now she has his first memory book started. Woohoo!

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