Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday wednesday..

So really today will just be my ramblings about life... Lots of challenges going in the
forum and I will have files to give to everyone for participating. I am blessed with the
best Creative Team ever!!

But back to life... So last night I disappeared. Did you miss me? My hubby got home in the late afternoon. So we threw on our jeans loaded up the horses and headed out to team sorting. It starts at 730 which is kinda late especially since my kiddo goes to bed at 830 but he was game to go. So we got there at 630 and rode around. I went over and checked the list and ... :::GASP::: Here I am signed up for 4 runs. I am not the best horse back rider. I love to read horse vet books. (a trivia fact about me for sure) I love to watch horses pass by me running walking etc.. But me riding at break neck speeds pushing cows from here to there. AHHHHH. I am a benchwarmer of riders. So I bit the bullet. First I went to the truck and got my zip up sweatshirt. Because alas I took the older horse to ride and didn't expect to be doing some trick riding. Hence I did not have a bra on that would withstand bending jumping moving and bouncing around. So I wanted to be covered in case we have any wardrobe malfuction. And honestly if I threw up on the sweatshirt from anxiety I could throw it in the back of the truck for the ride home. Oh that's right. I can't puke anymore since my surgery. lovely. Well I went in there on my turns. Smiled. beamed it up. listened to my 4 year old son yelling. You can do it Mom. you can do it. you can do it in slow motion. Get that cow. go faster..... So yeah Wow Serious cheering session. I "peeled" the first cow off the herd of 12 and my hubby on horseback behind me went to go in to the herd and the one I peeled off followed him over. So didn't work so well. I road two runs with the hubby and one with a friend and one with my son. Each of them very supportive. I finish my runs And my husband... Grinning from ear to ear. I had to look down to check to make sure he was grinning over the skills I had on horseback or the wardrobe malfunction. Wew. Nope he is grinning the proud grin because I blocked the cows and did a good job. My hubby is my hero! Just his smiles lift me up. My little one fell asleep on the way home. Pure exhaustion. He did excellent. I road home in the middle of the front bench seat in our big 'ol pickup truck. My guys on either side of me. Just enjoying the moment. The family feel and my hubbies hand on me knee. Wonderful. Got the horses put away. the kiddo in bed. Wonderful. Well needless to say. I made it through. Had a good time and will probably sign myself up for a run or two next time we go. I think the first time might be the most nervewracking. Well I hope.. If not, I'll let you know how it goes next time and will definitely prepare with more functional undergarments. Have a wonderful day!Enjoy!Chris

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