Thursday, January 29, 2009

Challenge Details.. Chris's Cutter File Challenge

Challenge Details
First here is the preview picture

This will be due March 7th.

So lots of time to create.

For those who now how my Eclectic Pick Cutter File Challenges works

you can email me and make sure to put the word Challenge in the subject.

It will expediate your email much quicker!! Thank you Thank you!

I will be sending out links starting on Sunday. I want to give everyone time
to work the files in their minds before they start downloading.

For those who are new...

First you email me with the word Challenge in the subject.

You will receive a download link which contains all of these files in it.


You must commit to create at least one project with at least one of the files by the due date.

That's it. And the rest are yours.

No sharing allowed. All these files are governed under my Personal TOUs.

For those who committed but didn't complete last time
I have kept a running list of participants and their projects. If you would like to participate this time and didn't finish last time, please send me a picture of your project from last time before requesting this challenges files. Usually I ask folks to sit out a challenge if they don't complete one, but this time around I would be happy to see your project from last time. Thank you.

This has become an awesome challenge and a highlight for me. So thank you to everyone who has participated in the past.
Below I have included some of the slideshows of all the great past projects.

After much request...

If you would like to purchase the past collections..

They will be on sale this weekend...

Challenge 2 link

Challenge 3 link

I have a class to take this afternoon, but will be back this evening. If you have any questions ask in the forum. Lots of folks there to answer or give you their thoughts. Here is a thread for the January Challenge and chit chat.


Especially those who have emailed me and asked me about this challenge. Thank you!

Don't forget if you visit the forum, we have a sketch challenge and a challenge using one of the QMC files. The sketch challenge includes the die cutter files because why not?? We have cutters woohoo!!. The Make it your own way Challenge will get a complimentary file to the QMC file chosen: Music Jumbles.

Not part of the QMC?? Jump on in.... Lots of files for teeny tiny cost.

Have a wonderful day!


Chris Durnan, designer
The designer of the original QMC - aka Chris's Cutter File Club. Files available in SCUT GSD KNK WPC & AI. Multi-layered, Test Cut files. 20 plus files, but every membership so far has had 29 files for $10. Join today and get that icing on the cake of 9 extra files over 20 for $10.00
For more info... Don't miss out before it closes!

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