Friday, January 30, 2009

Sale and new files...

Howdy! And Happy weekend!!

If you are looking for anything regarding the challenge which is due March 7th, please scroll down to yesterdays post.
If you are here because it's almost the weekend and you want to see what's going on....

A Sale is going on. I am running 30% off everything in the store. And I uploaded some new files today. Woohoo! Most with a musical theme. Love them.

Also put a new one in the QMC at the forum. Having issues with 4shared, but will get it up there as quickly as possible.

And then here are some of the new files I uploaded today.. hope you can find one you'd like during the sale... Have a wonderful weekend!!
I will be off with the family riding horses and enjoying the super bowl. :-) Hope you do to!

MISSPELLING! I am aware there is a misspelling in the word Tickle in the file. My apologies. I will send out a new file to anyone who purchases the file or the collection after the weekend. If they would like to purchase when on sale. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you to Kris for sending me a note right away when she noticed it. Thank you!!


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