Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charming me off my feet.. puppy oinks..

Okay... Howdy everyone! Doing well here. Working to cover a few extra spots in life as well as keep my creative side going. I am in that frantic frenzy again where I have to many file ideas in my head. I need a full day of just getting them down and then a full day of test cutting.

So we spent the weekend at a Villa. A nice two bedroom getaway. It was on a golf course. And it was close to my Sister in Laws house. So we got to drop off the kiddo to play with his cousins for two days and then we just spent it relaxing and talking and chatting .Hard to do sometimes when you have a 4 year old who wants to be heard all the time. So we spent some time shopping. We got a few wii games, other items and winter boots for my hubbies upcoming ice fishing trip in Wisconsin. Watched the Dark Knight batman movie (we weren't impressed. I must be the odd one in the bunch of movie viewers because it didn't do a whole lot for me. nor for my hubby) We went to dinners and ate to much. We basically took all the gift cards we have and stacked them in a stack. We have a few random ones from here and there and we just went and blew them. It was fun. It wasn't monies for bills and it wasn't monies for groceries. It was just fun to do some shopping. Although my hubby can shop. Shop Shop. Wow! I sat down towards the end of the day and said "lets just get a cold drink" hahah. So I had a jamba juice. Love my hubby and the man can shop. wew! Lots of different shops and malls and wondering and even a run through an antique shop we had never been to. I think he was charming me. Charming me off my feet and that he did well! Just the time together was wonderful.

So honestly, kid you not, out of our purchases, I had to walk back in with my receipt at three locations to say. Hey the price on the sticker is not the same. At each place there was no hassle and it was fixed automatically. So when I got groceries today I paid serious attention to the checker and what was being rung up. 2 items in my groceries were a almost dollar more the marked. Wow. So I will be watching that little check out machine a little bit closer for sure.

And what did we do on Sunday after we picked up the kids. Well went to look at puppies. Friends of ours have border collies. We will be bringing one home in a few weeks. Right now they are about 3 weeks old. Super cute and still make the little puppy oinks. And smell so good. My little one can't stop chatting about it. Here are some pics..

And that's it for me. I am back at it. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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