Friday, December 19, 2008

Piped in Snow... Hot Plates... Happy Weekend!

It was a wonderful day yesterday. Tonight I think we are headed to snowfall at a local shopping center (we pipe snow in here 15 minutes at a time in the desert). My son wants to play in the snow soooo bad he is offering up chores, his sea world savings, everything. So we are going to hopefully stand in some piped in snow for a few minutes tonight and then are headed to a neighborhood that collects food for the food bank and puts on a christmas light show. My hubbies only wish for his bday was to walk through this neighborhood. Should be fun and I will take the wagon for the kiddo. Trying to think if I have any battery operated Christmas lights to put on the back of it.

Last night we went to Red Lobster. I never have problems eating here with my allergy. So we went and the hubby had a nice dinner and my kiddo had popcorn shrimp. So you KNOWWW this child's Mom is a gluten free person. We noticed half way through the dinner he had peeled all his popcorn shrimp and left the breading on the table. haha. My husband rolled his eyes. this is much like the fact that my son thinks a hot dog bun is for holding the hot dog and not eating. so his fingers don't get dirty. haha. And after finishing the hot dog pitches the bun. I am not worried at all. If he doesn't want to eat the extra calories at 4 years old so be it. He doesn't think about it in calories, but I am not going to curb him from not eating things that in the long run will add to his hips. Plus, he and I had a little discusson at dinner about he could have this or that or this, but to think about if he ate to much of the Cheese Biscuit he wouldn't have room for the rest. He could do it if he wanted to, but he didn't want to have a tummy ache. He ate a few more bites of the biscuit and waited for dinner. been hard trying to teach my kiddo moderation in food. I know I have a hard time with it and am learning it because of my hernia surgery. I still get the guilty feeling when I leave any food on my plate. I can still hear in my head about the starving children in Africa. And I took this seriously when I was little because my mom lived in Zimbabwe for a large part of her yout. So she must have known.

My biggest question is ... why why why do restaurants put children's plates on the heater? As soon as the servers say "NOW BE CAREFUL this is hot." (And even said it had been on a plate heater.) I asked for a second plate. Then I put the hot plate in the middle and put some of the food on the cold plate. Be Careful and burns do not register in my sons mind. And why chance it. I didn't say anything to the server. I just think this every time. It makes no sense, but we just fix it ourselves. haha. My son probably thinks he needs two plates to eat a restaurant.

Well anyways. Dinner was good. Parenting was minimal. My Hubby was happy. Life is good.

Well I better get moving. Heading to the MIL today so my little one can do Christmas Cookies. I will work from there. So they can bond. Have to finish some Christmas Gifts this weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!!

Chris Durnan, designer
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