Friday, December 5, 2008

couches, twisters, and negotiations.

If you are wondering where I am this weekend. and the beginning of next week. I am spending some time with my Dad.He lives in Wisconsin and I soo look forward to his visits.
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As for everyone else. Here is a picture view of what has happened here at the Durnan household while I have been sick. Thank you for stopping by ....

We got new couches. My first ever couches that were purchase. I love the family hand me downs or I would have been sitting on my backside on the floor for much longer in life. My hubby and I were so excited. It was also the first couches we both agree we liked in the ad. So decided quick get them!

And the tree went up in the last few days. The bags underneath the tree are for my niece and nephew and my kiddo decorated them. It was his contribution and he was pretty proud of them.

And then this is my sons nativity scene which was given to him by his Grandma last year. I love it. I put it in plain site at eye level so he would play with it and ask who the people are. If he breaks it oh well. it is his. It is more important to me that he know what the reason for the season is. And behind it is one of my favorite decorations. A bardbed wire christmas tree with western ornaments and has white lights. This is my type of Christmas decor. I love it.

I asked my son why his Mary and Joseph are always laying down. he smiled at me and said. "Well Mom there was a twister." Apparently this week we had bad weather here in the house as well as all the stomach flu. haha. But they are his so I try only to right them to standing position about once a day.
And next... My Dad will be here this weekend. So come the end of the weekend and early next week, I won't be around lots. My Dad comes once a year from Wisconsin and if I can mobile in some pictures to the blog I will, but I just look forward to spedning time with him.

And the top excuse from my son as to why he shouldnt have to clean his room....
"We can just close the door to my room" (and a tilt of the all knowledgeable head as he smiled at me like I was born yesterday) "because that is what a door is for". I smiled politely (and tilted my head with a smile like I had been born many yesterdays ago)
and said...
"hmm.. then Grandpa won't be having a sleep over with you"
.. and he walked out of the room with his shoulders slumped. "Okay fine."
It was his last excuse because he realized in order to have Grandpa sleep in his room it would have to be clean. It was finished finally after many many reasons why it shouldn't be from our little negotiator. His room looks mahvelous!

All right I am off... Have a wonderful weekend!!

Chris Durnan, designer

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Heather said...

Ok Fine... I love it!!! Kids....
The new couches are wonderful. Will your husband be sleeping on them after watching TV too late like mine?

Lisa said...

Love the couches, beautiful!
Your little guy, oh my goodness, he sounds so adorable. He makes me smile & I don't even know him, love his personality!