Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Song, Last 2 icing the cake QMC files

So I have been adding songs here and there to my Christmas song list. I think for Christmas day I will pop on my computer and just listen to them all day. Recently, I was emailed a request for a song by Melissa Etheridge. The sentiment of missing someone and being worried about someone really hit home. And it fits my criteria.. you can hear her sing and understand the words. Love that kinda music! So if you get a chance to listen, I have the player on shuffle, but it is on the top of the list. I thought it was a powerful song and was requested by a lady who is missing her hubby as he is away serving our country and uses my pop out player at work while working on the computer. Thank you to her husband and for her request!

And now on... The last two files for the QMC are up. One is part of gear head line. I thought this one would be the most versatile because it could fit a card or project easily. and the next is a snowflake photo frame. These are for my kiddo to make for everyone. He is in charge of one gift every year. So Igive him all the pieces and basic instruction for putting them together. This year I will cut the two piece snowflakes and circles. He can glue and put his name on the back and help with cutting the ribbon to hang them. I am looking forward to working on them this weekend.

I will post a larger picture of his visit with Santa and the accompanying story tomorrow... As there are always stories when you live with a four and a half year old.
Here is a quick story for now...
So my son has decided he wasn't sick from the flu a few weeks ago. He was sick because he was at the ballet. He is ruined for the rest of his life. It is his feeling that the ballet makes you throw up and sick for days. I ponder the thought that this might be the problem with some men and their phobias of the ballet or opera. Maybe they got sick and now mentally feel it is the actual performance that makes them sick. Like a mental block. haha. I thought I had my kiddo talked out of it and he is watching tv and some commercial comes on with a doctor, astronaut, officer, and then a ballerina.... My little one is chanting when I grow up I could be that... I could be that... I could be that... He gets to the ballerina... Looks at me and makes his best throw up impression .. bent over. tongue hanging out wretching noise and then says... I can't be that ... Ballet people make you puke! (Yes I would say he is ruined for life. Oh well. We shall try for culture again next year.)

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