Friday, July 18, 2008

Twisty torture tests.. surgery... ahhh its the weekend!

Well it's Friday. Yeah!! My son is having a couple friends come over to play this evening. He is very excited. He even picked up most of his room because I told him it was the contigency for them to come over. He got it picked up and is happily taking a nap so he can stay up late.

I have been working on files and descriptions. Those winners of the descriptions( and they were all wonderful) will be receiving a copy of the file and I hope to get them all loaded up to the store for the sale. Awesome awesome. So I will get the emails through and I had alot of entries to choose from. Thank you for that!

Next I have uploaded files to the QMC. 2 more. So we are at 7 out of the 20 and I am still working away on it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am gonna make this short and run because I have to get a few more things done. Like season the chicken for the grill. hmm.. homemade gourmet seasoning mix the Cilantro Citrus one I think it is. I love it and GLUTEN FREE. Yeahhh! Baby!
Here is the ladies site that I buy from. Yum Yum. I love the Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad. It is so light for summer. Not a heavy taste at all.

Well thats my food rant.

After the 28th I won't be able to eat for 2 weeks. Did I tell you what that was all about. Here goes I have a hiatal hernia. And of course cause I like to do things over the top.. instead of being able to take a pill and make it better. I have officially somehow pushed the majority of my stomach up through my diaphragm muscle and into my chest cavity. To compete with hmm my lungs.. throat etc everything else you have beating in your chest. So because the majority of my stomach is in the wrong spot they have to put it back. Yeah! So the tests to get this done are like torture tests. Let me stick a tube down your nose and see how your esophagus is doing, oh wait better yet lets put a transmittor in your throat you carry around a little pager looking thing for two days and try to choke food down an already constricted throat. Wow I sound bitter. Not really. When I left the place with the tube thing down the nose I told her I was I headed to Disneyland. She did the infamous commercials... Oh heyy.. now that you've had a tube pulled out your nose what are you gonna do?? "I'm going to Disneyland" I said. The people in the waiting room thought I was nutz! But hey I was done with the test and I failed, but passed in a bizarre way in order to prove I need surgery. And when the lady who was putting me under for the ph bravo test (transmitter choke your throat test) told me I couldn't do an MRI for 30 days because the transmitter pops off your throat from its little suction cup thingy and then has to pass through your system and they want to make sure it doesn't get pulled out by an MRI. I smiled at her and said. hmmm.. lets see CT scan with pukey liquid and sick for two days, tube down nose to stomach test, and transmitter in throat test. Yeah I don't think MRI is on my schedule of torture. She laughed and said well at least I had a good attitude. So how is that for some details you don't care to know.
My goals out of all this..
1) To be able to breathe normal
2) to not feel like I am choking all the time
3) to be able to laugh again without worrying about coughing and hurting . I just realized I am doing this the other night. Trying to not laugh because I cough so hard I feel like I might cough up my stomach.
4) to be ableto lay down and sleep withouth worrying if I will gag
5) to make it past the 30 day mark without having to walk by a high powered magnet and have that transmitter pulled right out my skin because it hasn't passed yet. That would be something like the Matrix where they pull something out of the guys stomach. yuck.
6) And to lose some weight because I will be only able to eat slimfast or ensure for two weeks and then very minimal small meals after that. So why not take full use of losing half my stomach.
7) And get it all over.

Lofty goals but I am excited to get it all over with and maybe head to the lake sometime in September. Okay now.. don't you wish you had quit reading? hahah. I am a rambler. I will be fine and you guys are awesome so I know I'll get some emails about taking care of myself. I so appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers. And I look forward to being on the road to a new adventure without so many twisty weird torture tests involved.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS I know I said I'd make this short, but yowser.. I am not sure I know what that means.

And why am I telling you all this because I am sure when you read this blog for the next few weeks you will here how I hate the taste of slimfast it is to thick and the gluten free ones taste like chalky and other random items of grossness .. or how about the story of the fighting Berium Xray Techs while I was waiting in the machine... yeah great!! Love you guys.. thanks for stopping by..


Cindy said...

I wish you all the best and that you are better than new when it is all over!


Bec said...

Hopefully it'll all be over before you know it and you'll be healthy again. Get Well Soon!

Robin said...

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery and afterwards. The tests alone sound horrible. But the outcome sounds great. Best of luck Chris.

debenj said...

Oh Dear Chris! You are a mess right now but know you'll be feeling a whole lot better once you are past the surgery and healing time. Will be keeping you in thought and prayers. (have to agree with your description of TAKE CARE!!! Deb

Anonymous said...

Chris, hope you are on the road to recovery soon!

Patty M

sussann said...

I hope your surgery goes well. Maybe hubby could post a "she's okay" post? I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


LadyDoc said...

Hi, Chris!

As a veteran of multiple surgeries, I can tell you that the anticipation is probably the worst part. Although the recovery is never easy, it is a focused job of getting better so you have an objective and goal each day.

Hope you have a quick recovery!