Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Finally Friday....

Do you like my animated countdown clock? I always get an email that says I didn't tell anyone when it was gonna close. Or they missed it. Here is the countdown and don't forget the store is on Michigan time. So I am reminding Reminding. Click on the link to the right if you want to join.

****** If you want some music to read todays post scroll down a bit and hit the play on the youtube video and read away.... :-)

Well what an eventful day yesterday started with a long list of errands to run. Quick stops but all told I had ten of them and one was a quick visit to the docs for my little one and this would be a drive by visit because they won't let us in the office. Why you ask?? well because my son has Chicken Pox. Yepper .. had the vaccination and still got it. But hey at least we know he's had it. Really he only has about 20 spots and it is a super mild case because of the vaccine. But please pretty please could we not throw anything else in before surgery on Monday? This is my annoying whining, but the positive thing?? A snuggling snuggling little one. Lovin' it. We got toy story 1 and he has watched it three times since we got home. I am veg'd out on it. And we canceled all the plans for the weekend. It will just be us enjoying eachother company and probably working more on the craft room project and other little things I should get done. He isn't to itchy so that is good. And he just needs to keep cool so he doesnt get anymore. Love to cuddle I do!

** so my goof moment with this all??(because you know I have one) I was talking to my Sis-N-Law and telling her the scoop and why wouldn't see her this weekend... And she is a nurse so I am trying to use official lingo and said well on Monday the doc wrote a note that he didn't have vermicelli.... {{silence .. crickets}} Then I said wait that's not right. Isn't vermicelli a noodle.. she giggled at me and said the official word for Chicken Pox is.. varicella. Soooo I am a dork. Oh well. at least we laughed.

So have you been to the store? My whole section is on sale. Which includes all the new files that uploaded. I still have more to add, but they won't make it before the sale. So visit my section and Lori is having a sale to after giving away all those files all week. Pretty awesome.

** So what do you have planned for the weekend? Anything fun? I am looking forward to some time home before the hospital visit Monday. But I am gonna miss seeing all the family Saturday night and friends on Friday night. But I will see them all again. And I won't have to push my way through the rest of the relatives to see my niece and nephew they are almost one. Coming up in the next months. Wow. Time flies when your having fun!

Have a wonderful wonderful Friday!

Well those of you who havebeen visiting me for a while Know I like this song on Fridays!!
Enjoy your weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I love your vermicelli story, Chris. My oldest just had the latest in the chicken pox vaccine series. I told him I had chicken pox when I was little and he didn't want to get it when he asked why he had to have that "medicine." (Turns out I had cow pox - sounds like what your little one is going through). Anyways...the little one thought about it for a while and came back later....says to me "Mommy, did you really have Chicken and Dumplings when you were little?" I thought I'd never stop laughing. Hope your little one feels better soon and good luck on Monday.

ninamerle said...

I am confused. The qmc closes in 6 days... didn't it just open the first of july?

ninamerle said...

OMG Chris so sorry I was so confused, See what happens when I try to go no without coffee.UGHHHH Sorry agin. Nina