Monday, June 30, 2008

Orange Sherbert.... white chocolate lipstick. Temptations.

So my orange wall has a few pictures on it and I thought I would share them with you. A few people asked to see a picture. So here it is. I wasn't aware of how much orange is in my collection of paintings. Kinda cool. Everytime I look at the wall tho' I think.... ORANGE SHERBERT!! hmmm. I love Sherbert.

So I gave up Pepsi on Friday the 20th. I went to docs appt and we had a long discussion about upcoming surgery (more on that later) and Carbonated Drinks. Seems I won't be able to drink them ever again. I was a Pepsi phene. But I came home and drank the last one over ice. It was the last can in the house actually. I enjoyed and was done with it. I thought headaches would come and I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. It hasn't been so. This is awesome. I am super happy about it. But after the doc visit I went to meet my in-laws at the book store where they had my little one. He was please as punch he got breakfast, a new book, a new toy and grandma was buying him a cookie and a milk when we got there. {rolling eyes} This is what grandparents are for. My son is grinning from ear to ear. My hubby went to take him to the car and what did I do?? I ran up to the counter and grabbbbbbeddd.......


The latest Janet Evanovich book. Fearless Fourteen. I love the Stephanie Plum character. I love the whole crew actually. Grandma Majur makes me giggle so much I have to get up at night and read on the couch and not in bed because I keep my hubby up.

I read it the next day in completion and will be handing it on to the family. It will get passed with lightening speed around through many hands. I love the family book system. We are all readers.

Anyways it was good book and now I am back to my library books. I pretty much have started library booking it completely with the exception of a few. I have to have space in my house and I read about a book every three days sometimes. This can be a twenty buck a week habit. Wow. Can be alot of dough. So I am a library bookee and my son is loving the trips to the library to see all the books. Sometimes I plop right down on the floor and quietly read him the one he just grabbed if it looks short. He sits in my lap and we just enjoy the moment.

My other purchase that day at the bookstore were two Lindor White Chocolate Truffles. I threw them in my purse. In the little zipper pouch... Do you know where this is heading? This is the pouch I only relegate my lipstick to in case it comes open. Well I found those truffles yesterday. Thank goodness they were in the lipstick pouch. It was quite a goopy mess. But since I am trying to lose 10 lbs in the next couple weeks with a vacation scheduled in there. It probably is a good thing they melted, but lipstick has a hint of white chocolate when I open it. Wew. The world is full of tempations. Just don't leave 'em in your purse in 112 degree weather for a few days they tend to dissolve away.

Have a wonderful day!


PS Challenge Submission came in like crazy this weekend. I will post them in the next couple days. They are all soooooooo awesome!

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