Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready for some description entry challenges?

I hope to post a bunch of pics tomorrow of files I want to the load in the store over the weekend. And I am looking for the best description and if yours is the picked one you can have the file. These are all files that I have had on my computer for the last couple weeks and just can't write the text files so I am putting it out to you... AND WHY??? Because I need them in the store for next weekend because I will be putting my whole section on sale. So keep an eye out of for the pics tomorrow and let me know what you have for thoughts. AND THE OTHER REASON WHY?? Because you guys have sent in some awesome descriptions in the past. And I love to read them.

I will need them in as soon as I can get 'em because I have to get them all up this weekend. So think quick and send me your thoughts.

Descriptions are for the Paperthreads store so people can read it and find out about the file and give them possible ideas for the use of the file.

For now I need to get some laundry flipped. WOOHOO! Home tomorrow Yeah!! I have plants to plant. Wash to do. Cleaning. Craft room stuff and files. woohoo!!

Have a wonderful evening!

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