Thursday, July 17, 2008

These are gonna go quick...

So I can get them up in the store I will be choosing quickly. So don't be disheartened there will be future description challenges. You guys write so much better then I do.

Here are the first ones that I need descriptions for. If I pick your description for the store, I will send you the file.
Light fun, multiple uses and easy read is what I look for. About a paragraph long.

I will be offering the Challenge files in a whole set. They are an obscure set of files, but I have been asked for them more then once as a set. So I am gonna load them as a set.

This bubble bracket jumble has been added to the qmc already!

New coat of paint was added to the QMC and Paint Diva is on its way to the QMC!

All your help is soooo greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance for participating! Please email me the descriptions HERE. Enjoy!


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